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The magic of Thailand's largest island, Phuket, is the stuff of dreams for holidaymakers and expatriates alike.READ MORE
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69 SLAM Swimwear, activewear, underwear & apparel

 Karon, Patong, Surin and Phi Phi


'PLAYLOUD!' is the motto for 69 Slam, a clothing and accessories company that offers innovative,

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Gift and Golf Phuket

 Phuket City

Established in 1992, Gift & Golf Phuket is a distributor of golf equipment in Phuket. Our staff of knowledgeable professionals can help find the right equipment for each individual golf...

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Kiteboarding Asia


This is Kiteboarding Asia! Experience the thrill of hanging on to a sail and speeding across the water. There's a board below you and a kite above you. The wind...

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 Phuket City

SPORTathlon is a home and commercial equipment supplier of recreational fitness equipment distributing top quality gyms, fitness stations and accessories.

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 Phuket City

Since the late 1990's, SuperSports has been a premier sport retailer of sporting goods, equipment and clothing in Thailand with operations now at 63 stores with currently four outlets...

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Water Sport Shop

 Phuket City

Water Sport Shop is a fishing and diving equipment shop located in downtown Phuket City. This retail outlet carries a range of fishing items such as reels, rods, hooks and...


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