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Created by some of Phuket’s top chefs, the recipes on these pages are designed with full lists of ingredients and detailed instructions to turn you into a master chef. Impress...READ MORE
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La Presa de Iberico


by PLUM Prime Steakhouse

Recipe The ‘Black Iberian Pig’, is a traditional breed of the domestic pig that is native to the Iberian Peninsula.

WOP issue = 120

Costolette di agnello alla griglia / Grilled lamb chops

 Bang Tao

by Bodega & Grill Restaurant

Recipe Marinate 4 lamb chops with pink salt, green peppercorns, garlic and red wine overnight then separate the lamb from the marinade...

WOP issue = 119

Gaeng Phed Ped Yang


by Kantok at Burasari Resort

Recipe Pour the cooking oil into the pan, turn the heat to medium. When the oil gets hot, add the curry paste...

WOP issue = 118

The Foie Gras Doughnut


by The Plantation Club

Recipe Seared foie gras served with fresh berries, caramelised cherries, veal jus and doughnut

WOP issue = 117

Grilled Wagyu Striploin Beef


by Pano Executive Lounge

Recipe Make green pea purée by blending green peas, whipping cream, olive oil and salt altogether. Cut and steam parsnips then blend with whipping cream, olive oil and salt, put in...

WOP issue = 116


 Nai Yang

by Rivet

Recipe Cook sushi rice to desired texture and keep warm and moist.

WOP issue = 115

Seared Duck & Cauliflower Onion Soubise


by Paresa Resort & Spa

Recipe Score duck breast skin, pan sear, (keep the fat). Add marinade

WOP issue = 115

Spaghetti with lobster


by Portofino Italian Restaurant

Recipe Plunge a sharp knife into the top of the lobster’s head just behind its eyes (to kill it quickly).

WOP issue = 114

Riso, cozze e patate


by Plum Prime Steakhouse

Recipe Traditional Apulia’s baked rice with mussels and potatoes

WOP issue = 113

Mangosteen Salad


by Mangosteen Restaurant

Recipe Mix the ingredients of the salad. Prepare the seasoning by mixing the ingredients in a bowl; add the mixed salad.

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