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Gaeng Phed Ped Yang

Red curry with roasted duck


May 2019


  • 200g roasted duck meat
  • 250ml coconut milk
  • 1 tbsp soya oil
  • 25g large red chili
  • 1 tbsp red curry paste
  • 5g sweet basil
  • 80g peas eggplant
  • 10g fish sauce
  • 60g pineapple pieces
  • 15g palm sugar
  • 30g cherry tomatoes
  • 5ml cooking oil
  • 40g black grapes
  • 5g kaffir lime leaves

Pour the cooking oil into the pan, turn the heat to medium. When the oil gets hot, add the curry paste. Stir fry until it starts to smell good, then change to low heat. Add the coconut milk little by little and stir until it boils. Add the duck meat and stir well.
Add the kaffir lime leaves and season with salt and palm sugar. Taste it. If the curry is too dry, add chicken stock or even more coconut milk if you want a thicker curry. Simmer the mixture at a medium heat until it boils. Then remove it from the heat source and finalise it with sweet basil leaves and a slice of chili.

About the Chef

Chef Thomas was born in the middle of Vienna’s culinary scene. Has worked over the past 30 years in leading hotels and Michelin star kitchens in Austria, Germany and Thailand.

With his experience in international, Mediterranean, French and Thai cuisine, he has received several awards in dining guides such as Gault-Millau, A la Carte and Guide Michelin.

He has spent the last five years working in Thailand, firstly as executive chef at Koh Samui’s Blue Lagoon with its Thai restaurant Kantara and fine dining gourmet restaurant Top Ten.

Thomas describes his style of cooking as “classic”, but using modern cooking techniques and methods of preparation.

For some months now he has been living with new inspirations at Burasari Resort, Phuket with its two restaurants, Kantok (Thai food) and La Citadelle (French cuisine).

Kantok at Burasari

  • Chef Thomas