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Dining / Nightlife

Phuket offers a wealth of nightlife and entertainment opportunities. From bars, pubs, beach clubs and nightclubs, clubbers can enjoy a drink, music, a show, dance and disco.READ MORE
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Music Matters Jazz Bar

 Phuket City

Music does Matter! Great Jazz, Salsa, Caribbean, African, South American and other exotic music can be enjoyed at little hidden place in Phuket City.

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The Speakeasy

 Royal Phuket Marina

Lounge around in an environment that is reminiscent of when the sale, manufacture and transportation of alcohol was illegal - 1920s-30s prohibition in the USA.

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Tai Pan


Welcome to Patong's busiest nightclub at the heart of the entertainment zone! Tai Pan is one of the oldest and most popular nightlife places in Phuket.