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The magic of Thailand's largest island, Phuket, is the stuff of dreams for holidaymakers and expatriates alike.READ MORE
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WOP issue = 149

Betting on Phuket’s future for better, just OK or fantastic but not worse

 Boat Lagoon

Legal / Law Sometimes it can be nauseating to read the multiple forms of hyperbole regarding Phuket when the context is direct or indirect advertising thinly veiled in sugar coating.

WOP issue = 148

Applying mental discipline to multiple perspectives – Phuket’s future

Sometimes, it isn’t clear when the Peak really has been reached. There will be moments when you look around and think, is this the top?

WOP issue = 147

Resetting Expectations & Rewards from Phuket Version 5.0 ‘Smart Phuket’

Legal / Law Resetting Expectations & Rewards from Phuket Version 5.0 ‘Smart Phuket’

WOP issue = 146

Avoiding the Gold Rush Greed, Bankman-Fried & Co Phuket Trap

 Boat Lagoon

Legal / Law Fires Don’t Burn Forever: Recently my young daughter has developed a habit of mimicking an Alicia Keys song ‘Girl on Fire’ but actually replaces ‘Girl’ with amusing substitutions to suit...

WOP issue = 144

A Mystery of Life - Choosing how to use resource, fairly

 Boat Lagoon

Legal / Law Whilst we are bombarded with information on external affairs that we can’t control – such as news of celebrity deaths, information on sports stars’ opinions and wars between countries managed...

WOP issue = 143

Using Artificial Intelligence with balance and caution

 Boat Lagoon

Legal / Law Before 5G was properly launched and available, certain companies and service providers were already ‘pre-selling’ 5G hardware and items to consumers.

WOP issue = 142

EV cars, virtue signalers, modern slavery and supply chain ethics

 Koh Kaew

Legal / Law Global and Thai society continues to advance with deeper analysis of the origins and ethics of goods and services. The Stock Exchange of Thailand is now dominated by themes of...

WOP issue = 141

Enlightened long and short-term thinking

Beyond ‘New Year(s)’

Legal / Law The most recent years, the ‘Pandemic Years’, will stand out for many as more negative than positive in many ways and for different reasons.

WOP issue = 140

Blowing Market Bubbles

Avoiding ‘moral disengagement’ and the global/Phuket fraudsters

Legal / Law What do Elizabeth Holmes (Theranos), Mark Zuckerberg (Meta), Jeffrey Epstein (J Epstein & Company), Sam Bankman-Fried (FTX) and investors and market commentators forming queues to blow smoke of admiration or...

WOP issue = 139

Avoiding the Quiet Quitting Trap

Modern debates are framed through the lens of what is attractive on social media and with a narrative or catchphrase designed to register on algorithms and click measurement tools.

Legal / Law One such recent debate is that of “quiet quitting” – namely, to do the bare minimum in the workplace as an employee which some have coined as the equivalent to...

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