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House and garden / Art and antiques

The magic of Thailand's largest island, Phuket, is the stuff of dreams for holidaymakers and expatriates alike.READ MORE
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Art-Tec Design: The swinging sticks

 Kamala and Various place in Phuket

Sparked by a vision and designed by a German engineer who spearheaded an effort to pursue and build a perpetual motion machine, in the year of 1996, he invented THE...

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Ceramics of Phuket

 Phuket City

Ceramics of Phuket has been making 'living arts', ceramics that are lively and that dazzle the eyes. From tableware that will impress diners as much as the food including plates.

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Chan's Antique


For more than 25 years, Chan's Antique has sold art and antiques including decorative items, bronzeware, furniture and souvenirs to Phuket visitors and residents.

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D Gallery

 Koh Kaew

D Gallery is all about Contemporary South East Asian Art. Established in 2007, D Gallery promotes upcoming as well as established Southeast Asian artists, principally from Thailand and Vietnam.