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Worawuth Hongtong

Where do you come from and how long have you lived in Phuket. which part of the island do you call home?
I come from Ratchaburi, a small province in the west of Thailand. I’ve been living in Phuket for more than 10 years now, in the Thalang District near Layan Beach.

How long have you been in the property business? – and how did you get started in it?
It's been seven years now – I first started in a building contractors company.

Please tell us about your different businesses and how they all fit together
We act as consultants for Villas Aelita and Villas Bangtao and Happy Village is a Thai-style project we manage through Nichols Perfect Properties, as we do The Happy Place Condo. But Verve Villas is my first high-end project, through a new management company called Prosperous Developer.

Which has been your favourite project since starting off in the business and why?
It has to be Verve Villas as it's a unique development aimed at those with modern tastes. With Verve Villas I've deliberately stayed away from the standard Thai-style design so common on the Island. 'Best Quality, Style and Luxury' is our Motto at Verve and this is reflected in the choice of materials we’ve used in this construction.

What's unique about Verve Villas? What makes it stand out from the crowd?
What's different is its design and style. If you look around the island a little, you’ll begin to notice similarities in the various building projects. We’re different; so if you’re seeking something out of the ordinary you’ll find it with us.

Where is your main target market? Domestic? International? If international, which countries will most of your buyers come from?
Well, I build high-quality properties so they cost a lot and they're definitely targeted at foreign customers, mostly within ASEAN countries such as Hong Kong, but we also market to Australian customers and even Thai buyers if they’re interested.

What changes have you seen in the Phuket property market since you’ve become a developer?
There've been big changes and so yes, it's all different from when I first started out. I guess there’s a lot more choice nowadays because there are so many options – but this is good for customers.

What is your approach to marketing?
We promote Verve Villas by marketing in magazines, online, social media, brochures and through property agencies. In that way clients will get to know us and what we have to offer.

What impact do you expect the coming ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) to have on Phuket's property market?
I think business will be made more exciting and I’m planning ahead for this.

What do you like most about what you do now?
I really enjoy developing our properties with the best quality possible when it comes to materials and, of course, to install the best furniture. That’s my policy to ensure success.

What are the hardest things you have to overcome as a Phuket property developer?
I think the real problem is corruption. That problem has still to be resolved and is the main reason for unforeseen higher costs in the whole process.

How would you describe your management style and how many people do you manage directly?
Sticking to the rules, and applying kindness but not pity. I have over 20 people in my management team, not including labourers on the construction projects.