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Explore the Island

  Various place in Phuket

If you have the time and inclination, why not rent a motorcycle or car and explore Phuket independently? Get hold of IMAGE asia’s free Map of Phuket or buy a copy of Streets of Phuket and you can’t really get lost. This is an island, so if you keep going you’ll eventually be back where you started! Follow the winding coast roads and discover uncrowded beaches. Head inland and visit small farming communities, where people still live in much the same way as they have for hundreds of years.

Remember that you must wear a crash helmet on a motorcycle; it’s the law and it makes sens! For those visiting from Europe or the United States, note that we drive on the left here!

Motorcycle rentals start at 150 baht per day and small jeeps are available from 900 baht per day. If you rent for a week or longer you’ll be able to negotiate a better rate.

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