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The magic of Thailand's largest island, Phuket, is the stuff of dreams for holidaymakers and expatriates alike.READ MORE
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PHUKET: So much more than a holiday destination!

 Various place in Phuket

Over the past two years the Phuket real estate market has been remarkably resilient, and we have seen a myriad of foreigners attracted to real estate on the island, with...

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Our Chaotic World

 Various place in Phuket

How geopolitics and global monetary policy affect Phuket’s real estate market

Phuket is a beautiful tropical island. Although a mere 660 metres from the mainland, in many ways we feel isolated from the wider world. This is not necessarily a bad...

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How To Sell Your Phuket Property

 Various place in Phuket

There are many reasons why some Phuket villas sell more quickly than others. In this edition of Window on Phuket, we will discuss what makes a villa or luxury condo...

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Phuket Property after COVID


In the Spring of 2020, as uncertainty was gripping the tourism and property industries in Phuket, we began a series of articles explaining why there would be no “Covid Crash” in Phuket property.

We pointed out that the dominant buyers were foreigners who paid cash, meaning there would be no mortgage payments to miss during the pandemic. Furthermore, there was a low probability...

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Phuket Property Guide: Cuz' I'm The Taxman


by Thai Residential Phuket Property Guide

Cuz’ I’m The Taxman is the first article in a series covering the Phuket real estate market. These articles will occasionally take on inconvenient questions, such as: Are you paying...

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Stella Estate


Private Residences Bangtao

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Maximize Investment Potential: Pool villas for sale at Riverhouse Phuket


Explore investment opportunities with Riverhouse’s pool villas for sale in Phuket. 2-4 bedroom villas in a prime Phuket location, powered by solar energy

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Home In Phuket Real Estate


Home In Phuket is a leading real estate agency on the island of Phuket, Thailand. We only list the best properties

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Zenithy Pool Villas


The zenith of noble living. Harmony of luxury and value. The aesthetic pool villas located in the centre of the north coast, Phuket Thailand. Modestly situated in the Pasak, Cherngtalay...

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Otium Phuket


Redefining retirement. Bringing you a lifestyle not just a home. At Otium we believe retirement is a time for excitement and fulfilment. That’s why our villages are proudly pioneering new...