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69 gins... and more!

Vanilla Sky Bar & Gastropub, Cape Sienna Phuket
January 2019
69 gins... and more!


So long Year of the Dog (2018) and a big hello to the Year of the Pig (2019). Yep, it’s that time of year when we briefly look back, but, more importantly, look to the future.

A sort of “Back to the Future” type thing. 2018 had a few ups and downs as our major food and beverage refurbishment settled down (the lift was a bit more down than up for a while, but, happily, it’s now working well and drawing admiring comments).

As for 2019, we are very confident that with these changes now humming along we will continue to hold our place as one of Phuket’s premier` hotels.
We have many events planned to knock your socks off—or at least leave you feeling pretty jolly happy.

A big hearty thank you to all who have patronized Cape Sienna Gourmet Hotel & Villas in 2018. It’s been a blast!

Frank and Pepe.

10% off Plum food and a free cocktail.
Now Look Here!
A 10% discount on food and a free cocktail await you at Plum if you can do the following:

  • Pick out the funniest of our cartoons that have graced the top of each newsletter this year, print it out or screenshoot it on your phone.
  • Bring your evidence to Cape Sienna and show it to Pepe, Andrea or Khun Pen at Plum and tuck in to a cheaper meal.
  • If you haven’t kept all the newsletters on your computer or phone (naughty if not) you can just take the last one you can find and bring that.

Whatever. It's a good deal and shows you’ve been paying attention.

2019: Year of the Gin.
Not quite in the Chinese calendar, but it is in ours. Yes the 69 gins from around the world we have touted are here.

It’s “Into the Gin” time.

We believe we have possibly Phuket’s largest offering of gins. Frank and Pepe enjoy a relaxing gin overlooking a sparkling Andaman Sea from Vanilla Sky Bar & Gastro Pub at the end of a long day. So come up and join them, you’ll be so glad you did. Hic!

The Gastro Feast Argentinian Bull!
Our great Saturday offer has been upgraded with more food and wine!!! No, not of the, “fake news” variety.
This is genuine Argentinian black-angus bull served up at your table. Oh, and don’t forget the gin—on the beef that is. But watch your eyebrows.

The eight portion sized beef will be rubbed with juniper, the base ingredient in gin. Then it will be periodically flambéed in, you guessed it, gin, at your table before serving. Hic! Belch! Now that’s what we call a lot of “true bull.” For more information.

2019: Year of the Gin


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