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‘EXISTENCE’ An exhibition of work by local Phuket artist, Robin Gillow

Mom Tri´s Wok Gallery Kitchen
December 2018
‘EXISTENCE’ An exhibition of work by local Phuket artist, Robin Gillow

It has been a while since Robin Gillow last exhibited her drawings and paintings in Phuket. Well known for her work both locally and internationally, ‘Existence’ is her first exhibition after a forced 5 year break from painting. This was largely due to her husband, Kevin’s, debilitating stroke (himself, renowned, on the local sailing circuit), in 2014. Fortunately, Kevin’s health has steadily improved and Robin has, once again been afforded the luxury of studio time.

Left: CALM BEFORE THE STORM Graphite and coloured pencil on canvas. Right: SHELL 1 (1 of 3 paintings in the series) Oil on Canvas

Born and married in South Africa, a move to Australia saw the couple, add a daughter and their beloved, yacht, Poco, to the family. This eventuated into a number of years sailing between Australia, Africa and Asia which in turn enabled Robin to exhibit her work as well as pick up commissions, en-route.

A tribute to her re-found life as an artist as well as ‘life’ in general, personally or otherwise, ‘Existance’ promises to suit all manner of creative tastes. This is her 9th exhibition in Phuket and those who follow the artist will easily recognize her unique style and depiction of her subjects. As with every show Robin has had here, the works vary in technique and medium and with each show, new surprises are on display.

Left: LIFE’s EDGE Oil pastel on canvas. Right: RETROSPECTION in a VASE Mixed Media on canvas

Her exhibition at, Mom Tri’s Wok Gallery KItchen (Rawai) 1st February/ 31st March 2019, is no different. There are a few of Robin’s much loved graphite or pen and ink drawings, with their added ‘Gillow’ touch, a number of oils and her ever interesting collages, but added to these are abstract works as well as the use of oil pastel on canvas. A new vein in the artist’s creative palette, these, as with her realist or impressionist pieces, convey the story Robin is telling, well. Once more, a prolific artist, the pleasure Robin gets from painting is very evident in her work. Each piece gives the viewer a warm, comfortable feeling inside and each gives one pause for thought.

It will be a while before Phuket residents and tourists will have a chance to view Robin’s work again, as the latter half of 2019 will see Robin and her husband returning to Australia for a few years. While there Robin will prepare work for a number of exhibitions along the east coast of Australia (from Queensland south to Melbourne, Victoria). The artist will also return to painting works revolving around the equine industry, a talent she is renowned for in Australia, South Africa and Kenya. These works will depict the stud farms, racing or otherwise, event venues and the horses themselves. The hope here is to have an exhibition of the collection before returning to Thailand in a few years’ time.

Left: BLUE MANGROVES Oil on canvas

For a list of awards, other information or an appointment to visit her studio -
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