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Pamper the special lady with Banyan tree's curated wellness gift sets

Banyan Tree Phuket
August 2017

Thailand, August 2017 - Banyan Tree presents an exclusive collection of gift sets which comprises thoughtfully selected products to indulge your special lady this Thailand Mother's Day. Celebrating the uniqueness of women with different aspirations and lifestyles, each gift set includes all-time favourites catering to the needs of the modern mum - The Mum to Be, The Superwoman, The Nest Maker, The Busy Bee and The Fit and Fab. This collection is perfect as a pick-me-up to invigorate the senses before hitting the to-do list or to simply create a personal moment to recharge and unwind from the daily hustle.

Perfect for The Mum-to-Be (USD 129), the kit includes the nourishing Jasmine Rice Night Cream to brighten her complexion and the Night Queen Hand Lotion and Body Lotion to soften and moisturise the skin. Native to the deserts of Central America and Northern South America, the Night Queen flower is fabled for its elusive beauty - each bloom features layers of white petals that unfurl one night a year, releasing a fragrance with soft, musky notes of sweetness. Together with Banyan Tree's iconic Seaweed-Inspired Bathrobe and Cotton Slippers, this set is sure to melt away fatigue and renew her energy for a lasting maternal glow.

The Superwoman (USD 85) kit allows her time for self-pampering with the coveted Jasmine Rice Foaming Wash that brightens the skin and eases away signs of ageing as well as the Apple Green Tea Hair Mist to make sure she looks her best every moment. Coupled with Dill Sandalwood Body Scrub and Body Lotion, this bag of indulgent classics promises the supermum her well-deserved rejuvenation. For The Nest Maker (USD 85), spoil her by gifting her nifty tools to create a spa haven in the comfort of her own home. Comprising an oil burner, essential oils and calming spa melodies, this set is bound to create a tranquil and comforting ambience to unwind any time of the day.

The Busy Bee (USD 65) is curated with therapeutic essentials all in one Seaweed-Inspired Cotton Pouch - Lavender Bergamot Sleep Enhancer, Relax Massage Oil and 5 Elements Organza Eye Pillow which enhances quality rest time and promises peaceful sleep after a weary work day. Reward The Fit and Fab (USD 50) mum with a handy wellness gift. From the Honey Turmeric Shower Gel and Body Lotion for a revitalising treat, to the refreshing Lavender Face Mist and Senses Revival, stored in a Seaweed-Inspired Drawstring Pouch, this is a must-have for all work out sessions.

True to its role as a socially-responsible retailer, Banyan Tree produces skin and hair care collections which are free of parabens, sodium laureth sulfates (SLES), sodium lauryl sulfates (SLS), and are not tested on animals. It is perfectly gentle, even for sensitive skin. For more information and online purchases, please visit Banyan Tree has renewed its e-commerce site name, to reflect a stronger commitment to honour Banyan Tree's highly popular bath and body products.

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