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A Jolly Big Sale at Thanyapura!

December 2020
A Jolly Big Sale at Thanyapura!

Personalize your Thanyapura gift box with a 3-night stay package plus a mix of sports and lifestyle services.

  • 3-night stay at only THB 1,299 nett/night/room (single and double occupancy) to stay from now till 31 October 2021.
  • 20 x day pass with 70% OFF at THB 270 nett each.
  • 15 x PT sessions with 25% OFF at THB 1,500 nett each.
  • 10 x physiotherapy with 60% OFF at THB 1,111 nett each.
  • 10 x spa treatments with 50% OFF at THB 500 nett or THB 750 nett each.
  • 10 x poke bowls and vegan burgers with 40% OFF at THB 200 nett each.
  • 40% off 1-month membership at only THB 2,700 nett.
  • 10% off sports shop for t-shirt, water bottle and string bag starting from THB 112 nett after discount.

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