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Hughes Krupica community CSR visit to Phuket Eco Elephant Park

Phuket Eco Elephant Park
November 2020
Hughes Krupica community CSR visit to Phuket Eco Elephant Park

17 November 2020 - Hughes Krupica’s team recognises that during the period in which the effects of COVID19 continue to exert a significant impact on the livelihoods, living circumstances and wellbeing of many, that there should be acknowledgment of the wide ranging interests, beyond the stereotypical definitions of ‘affected’ persons. Thailand has been globally commended for its management of COVID19 and the health of its citizens which has unfortunately had to be at the expense of economic pursuits. Whilst travel remains heavily restricted and limited into Thailand, many businesses face adverse conditions.

It is not only humans that need taking care of in times of economic stress. All living things – including animals need care and attention on a daily basis. We visited Phuket Eco Elephant Park to spend some time with, feed and bathe the wonderful and beautiful elephants. We met with the owner, Khun Too, and learned about the daily dietary requirements of elephants who at a minimum require 10% of their body weight in food, per day and ideally twice that for a healthy happy elephant lifestyle. The elephants roam free at the Eco park grounds, have plenty of natural shade, mud baths and clean pool baths to use. Elephants can’t see very far, but they have a very well developed sense of smell and hearing and are sensitive to the environment they occupy, and their carers.

The elephants at the Phuket Eco Elephant Park are clearly treated as a part of a wide happy family, and there is attention paid to their diet, wellbeing and activities. Their family unit is preserved and their interaction with others including visitors is managed nicely.

On the day we visited, a special additional meal was provided comprising sticky glutinous rice, desiccated coconut, and brown sugar. This is rolled up into round balls and fed to the elephants as a supplement to their usual food for that day. The combination of carbohydrates and sugar give a nice energy boost to the elephants, and typically the younger and senior elephants enjoy this meal the most. We learned a lot more about the elephants’ lifestyle and wellbeing requirements and Khun Too is very knowledgeable and happy to share that with visitors to the centre.

We highly recommend our Thai friends who may appreciate and respect elephants as an intrinsic part of Thai culture but maybe not previously spent time playing with and observing elephants in this environment to choose the Phuket Eco Elephant Park as their place of choice. We also recommend any foreign residents or visitors to take time to enjoy this experience. Clearly the more who do the easier it is to ensure security and longevity for centres which care for elephants. This is also an excellent opportunity for children to learn about these amazing friendly and intelligent animals in a safe and welcoming environment.

If any of our clients, contacts or connections wish to be involved in this type of community activity, the contact details are on this page.

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