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Asia Smart Tech

Asia Green Tech company based in Phuket gathers solutions


Asia Green Tech company based in Phuket gathers solutions for residential and professional use with two main goals:

1. Go greener by making more environmentally friendly decisions such as to ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’.

2. Assist to monitor, then reduce, consumption such as electricity, water, chemicals.

We will visit any unit such as houses, private pool villa, condo residence, hotels, factory, restaurant or hospital and prepare a full report on how those two goals above can be achieved.

By 2023, new mindblowing technologies will invade the market in order to provide permanent solutions to problems like electricity and waste.

Please find in this article some solutions that can be implemented straight away.

Solar: Reduce considerably your electricity bill by installing a solar panel system and inverter. We can rapidly provide an accurate calculation of the ROI of any installation size.

Energy monitoring: We will assist you to detect high consumption and we wil provide solutions on how to reduce that consumption.

Pool system: Beside the fact that we can provide a totally chlorine free system, we will also help you to reduce the use of chemicals but also to avoid over electricity consumption.

Liquid ozone: Discover a technology that produces onsite liquid ozone at 2 ppm concentration in order to clean and disinfect any surface – so chemical free. Different systems are available depending on the application.

Our product ranges cover:
Aluminium Pergola, Retractable Roof, Aluminium Sun Louvers, Garden Shelter, Garden Furniture, Garden & Home Decoration, Door & Window and accessories – with wide application in commercial buildings and residential houses for both decorative and practical purposes.

We’re growing and open to any cooperative relationships.



90 Degrees Rotation
Pergo-T500 is the waterproof louver system that has 90 degree rotation.

Aluminium Construction
The solid aluminium louvers are extruded from architectural grade aluminium at a thick ness 2.0mm for years if trouble fee service.

Light Control
The louver blades can be tilted to desired angle to reflect the right amount of natural light into a building to provide energy saving.

Rain protection
The louver blades are designed such that they can interlock when rainy weather develops. The louvers overlapping ensure the water tightness thus preventing any leak.

Heat Control
The opening roof can be turned to the desired direction with handheld remote control to prevent direct sunlight falling on your outdoor area thus preventing unwanted solar heating to save the air-conditioning bills.

Ventilation Control
During summer days when hot air rise you can leave the louvers partially opened. Till the louvers such that the sun is blocked but the warm air con escape through the opening the louvers thus keeping the place cool.


• Walter is channelled away directly through the internal drainpipe to the ground or connecting the underground drainage system.
• Louvers are designed such that they will interlock to keep out the weather.
• Tilt the louvers to block the sun but allow the air ventilation via the opening at the louvers.
• Rain and sun protection can be adjusted when open louvers at a different desired angle.
• In the event of rain, our pergola is closed to provide complete protection. Water is channelled away directly through the internal drain hidden inside the post.

Is this your business?

Reach a greater audience and beat your competition! Don't miss out, contact us today about our Upgraded Premium Services

Is this your business?

Reach a greater audience and beat your competition! Don't miss out, contact us today about our Upgraded Premium Services

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