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Zhanel Tyurina

MD of Maikhao Dream

How long have you been with Maikhao Dream Co. Ltd.? What’s your position and what attracted you to the job?
I'm currently the Managing Director of Maikhao Dream Co. Ltd. I’ve been with the company for 4½ years now. I was first attracted to the group because of the challenge of establishing a new company and the overall experience it would provide. Hospitality has always been my passion, so when this opportunity came up, my family and I decided to make the move to Thailand, embarking on this beautiful journey.

What were you doing / where were you living & working before?
Before deciding to move to Thailand and work with Maikhao Dream, I was working in Kazakhstan, setting up beautiful lake resort 650km away from anywhere. The hotel’s setting and clientele made the resort very ecofriendly, which remains a concern of mine.

Where are you from?
I'm not sure if I have a ‘hometown’ per se. I was born in Moscow, but lived and spent the most time in Kazakhstan. My childhood consisted of travelling back and forth between Russia and Kazakhstan. In the United Kingdom, I studied and graduated with two majors from Keele University, with a dual degree in Business Administration and Marketing, and in Law.

What’s special / different about Maikhao Dream Co. Ltd? Why would someone choose your resort compared to your closest competition?
As well as two very desirable secluded locations, the guests of both Maikhao Dream Villa Resort & Spa, in Phuket, and Maikhao Dream Resort & Spa, on Natai Beach, in Phang Nga, will find personalised service and luxury. The Villas are situated right on quiet Mai Khao Beach and are the biggest hotel managed beachside villas on the island, with the smallest villa totalling 465 sqm (5,000 sq ft). Our Phang Nga location is more of a traditional resort setup, but is perfect for couples or small families looking for a secluded paradise. Whether for long stay or short getaways, both resorts were designed to accentuate both Thai architecture and hospitality, combined with international standards and catering to diverse tastes. We have a customised setting, where guests can feel like they’re home away from home, in a place that blends world-class facilities with a welcoming, friendly staff.

Tell us something about your role in the business?
My role in Maikhao Dream is to run the group operations. I am, therefore, in charge of every operational and administrative function, but more importantly, my job is to guarantee that each guest has an unforgettable stay with us. I truly want every single person to come away from our properties with a remarkable experience, great memories and the desire to return.

What are the main challenges as they relate to your role?
My main challenge is to organise and maintain the right team for our resorts. Since we’re young in the market, our team is still growing and adapting. Yet this is what makes the business so rewarding too. I want everyone in my team to overcome challenges, so they may better understand the dynamics of the hospitality industry and have a hand in creating positive memorable experiences for our guests.

And what are the biggest difficulties you have to overcome?
My attitude in life, as in work, is that "nothing is impossible". This really does lessen the burden of any difficulties that need to be conquered. Our main priority is working together as a cohesive unit and, in doing so, we believe we can overcome all difficulties.

What do you (and the business) expect to achieve within the next 3-5 years?
In the next 3 to 5 years, we expect to complete three additional business ventures in Thailand. In particular, we're currently building another property, so watch this space!

What do you see as your biggest successes to date?
We're incredibly proud of our biggest achievement, in that we successfully built, opened and now manage, two properties in a relatively short time period. Both resorts opened within one week of each other and, so far, both have performed excellently. Maikhao Dream Hotels & Resorts aims to continue and build on this Wow! factor.

Is Maikhao Dream Hotels & Resorts involved in any CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) programs?
CSR is a focus and a priority for Maikhao Dream. We're constantly donating and helping our local communities improve and grow. We also participate in royal initiatives and charities and we have our own internal recycling programmes. Giving back is part of our experience.

How would you describe your leadership style?
I'd describe myself as a transformational leader. Everyone needs to have a chance to make management decisions, so that they can grow and further their career. I like my team to know they are supported, as well as leading by example.

What is your overriding ambition at this stage in your life?
Since hospitality is my passion, simply put, I want to ensure that each and every guest enjoys their vacation to the fullest. I work towards this on a daily basis. I want Maikhao Dream to be synonymous with luxury and sophistication, where all types of luxury holiday seekers, no matter their interest or background, will enjoy their personalised experience.

For further information about Maikhao Dream Co. Ltd.
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