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Where to find unique accessories in Phuket: Shop like a local

Phuket is an attractive shopping destination for both tourists and locals. The island has products ranging from very affordable items at street markets to high-end designer stores that feature accessories you’d see in glossy magazines. At first glance, clothes, shoes, accessories, jewellery and bags are easily accessible here, yet dressing well and appropriately in year-round high humidity along with soaring tropical temperatures is a challenge for most people.


Those consciously opting for natural materials and handmade or otherwise unique accessories quickly learn that quantity doesn’t always guarantee quality. Many stores with classy products frankly overprice their items, making it that much more challenging to dress well for every occasion. Here’s a selection of Phuket’s affordable, fabric-conscious fashion options.

Evening attire


A creative Danish fashion brand, Hejselberg produces simple yet edgy clothes for stylish and sophisticated women. Their creations aren’t necessarily made for the evening and can be worn any time. Above all they’re elegant and made from different kinds and combinations of silk. Hejselberg shops also carry other brands of similar styles, in addition to high-quality jewellery, tote bags and purses, sandals, belts, and scarves.

Location: Boat Avenue in Cherngtalay and next to Surin Plaza in Surin

 26 G5 Hejselberg



Katalina features great quality bikinis and swimwear designed by the Swedish owner. Here you’ll find everything you need for everyday stunning beach, pool and sailing wear: bathing suits, swimming shorts for men, kaftans, bags, and carefully selected jewellery. The swimwear designs are fashionable and made to stand out. It’s good to know that Katalina has fantastic sales a couple of times per year.

Location: Surin main road and Boat Avenue in Cherngtalay

26 G5 Katalina



Indonesian brand 69SLAM has unique beachwear, swimwear, and underwear for bold and creative people. Their apparel is modern and colourful, often with eye-catching prints while in terms of materials, they use eco-logic bamboo, hemp, along with an organic cotton range. For ladies there are bikinis, dresses, sleepwear, bags and underwear while men can choose from board shorts and singlets. There’s also a good kids’ selection. Additionally, the brand sells long- and short-sleeve rash vests that are great for water sports, as well as flip-flops, hats, waterproof bags and beach sets.

Location: Beach Road Patong and Cherngtalay

26 G5 Katalina

Daytime clothes

Island Bliss

Island Bliss shops have been appropriately named – their versatile sleek clothes made of natural materials are all about island lifestyle. Fabrics are 100% natural; most pieces are silk or cotton. Their latest collections also feature a mélange of the two in order to achieve an even lighter natural feel for hot days and what’s more, their attire can be machine washed. While the men’s range isn’t as extensive as the ladies’, the everyday casual yet eye-catching linen shirts definitely belong in the wardrobes of the discerning gentleman who can still dress stylishly in spite of the heat. The top floor of the Surin branch features kids’ fashion as well as a great selection of cushions for home and paintings by local artists.

Location: Next to Surin Plaza and next to Villa Market in Cherngtalay

23 E8 Katalina

Ban Boran Textiles

Well known among locals and expats, Ban Boran is a vintage-looking boutique specialising in genuine textiles. The silk, raw silk, and cotton items are handmade in northern and northeastern Thai villages. Here you’ll find colourful and high-quality clothing as well as bags, wall hangings and tablecloths. Additionally, the shop features a unique selection of silver ornaments made by Ka Riang tribes in northern Thailand – a great gift for someone you love.

Location: 51 Yaowarat Road in Phuket Town

81 C5 Katalina


Siam Porosus

For authentic leather lovers of both genders, this large and exotic leather shop has all the accessories one could ever hope for. Bags, clutches, wallets, jackets, shoes, sandals, jewellery, belts, key chains, and passport and phone covers are just some of the products they retail. The leather products vary, as do quality and prices. This is more than just a shop: there’s a presentation room where you can learn the difference between various kinds of leather and get professional advice on exotic leather products. All items at Siam Porosus are legal and are produced at a special farm in Thailand.

Location:Moo 5 in Chalong

 92 F4

Indy market

For highly authentic and handmade local accessories we recommend the trendy Indy market that runs every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings. This small lively market is pretty unique – the gathering spot for hipsters and creative individuals of all kinds. Although the products may vary from week to week, here you can generally browse among items such as high-quality leather bags, handmade clothes and wallets as well as one-off gifts and accessories.

Location:Dibuk Road in Phuket Town

81 C4

Chino@Cafe' gallery

Chino@Cafe features unique products made from natural materials. Articles on offer include clothes, bags, scarves and accessories, often in earth tones. Shirts have been naturally tie-dyed without chemicals, and are extremely attractive through techniques such as mixing patterns and fabric writing. After you’re done shopping, sit and relax in a friendly atmosphere while trying one of the café’s specialties.

Location: 4 Thalang Road Phuket Town

Andaman Creations

A must-visit for anyone looking for inimitable and locally handmade earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces. All produce here is totally unique and made for those who shy away from mass production and if you wear one of these accessories you’re bound to turn a few heads. The materials used vary from freshwater pearls to turquoise and silver.

Location: 186/5 Kok Tha Nod Road, Kata Beach

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