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Holiday with a purpose: volunteer at Phuket’s first Ethical Elephant Sanctuary

Phuket Elephant Sanctuary, the first ethical elephant sanctuary on the southern island of Phuket, offers volunteers the opportunity to spend one or more meaningful days immersing themselves in an elephant’s life while supporting the sanctuary with its daily tasks.


November 2018

Since its opening in December 2016, Phuket Elephant Sanctuary has rehabilitated 10 elephants back into forest life after decades of abuse and hard work in the tourism and trekking industries. Set on 30 acres of lush tropical jungle bordering Khao Phra Thaeo National Park, the sanctuary offers the ideal natural habitat for retired elephants – and a great opportunity for visitors to observe the biggest land mammal on earth in an ethical way. All proceeds from visiting tourists support the sanctuary’s mission to rescue and rehabilitate elephants back into forest life.

For those wishing to support in a more hands-on way, Phuket Elephant Sanctuary now offers volunteer programmes ranging from one to six days. During their stay, volunteers will assist with tasks around the sanctuary and immerse themselves in the elephants’ life. Daily tasks may include food preparation, cutting banana trees, loading and unloading fruits, helping to prepare supplementary elephant food in the kitchen, cleaning and tidying elephant night shelters, building fences, painting and maintenance work around the sanctuary.

By volunteering with Phuket Elephant Sanctuary, not only are visitors donating their time to help elephant conservation and protection, but also know that their financial contribution is going directly towards elephant care, providing nutritious food, shelter, veterinary care, and enrichment.
Previous volunteer experience is not required as an experienced guide will join volunteers throughout their stay. As long as you are a passionate animal lover with a keen interest in wildlife and you are physically fit, you are very welcome.

For more information, please visit or email the Phuket Elephant Sanctuary at [email protected]

Thai: +66 62 778 4111
English only: +66 62 767 7111
[email protected]

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