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Market Madness

Trendy shopping at Phuket’s new hip markets

  Phuket City and Bang Tao

A trip to Phuket is not complete without visiting one of the island’s many markets, where you can shop until you drop, eat as much delicious food as you want and even experience a day in the life of local residents. While fresh markets are dotted across the island and quite easy to find, it’s Phuket’s trendy hip markets that are raising the standard when it comes to the overall ‘market shopping experience’ in paradise.

If you’re looking for an exciting atmosphere with a bit of a bohemian vibe, then these hip markets are a definite must-visit while in Phuket. Each of these teeny markets has something unique to offer in the way of what is for sale, market setup, location and entertainment – as well as location and selection of local Thai street food and favourite snacks.

Here at Window on Phuket, we love a good market and we’re happy to highlight our favourite trendy markets on the island.

Phuket Indy Market
Adjacent to Limelight Avenue shopping mall, Phuket Indy Market is a compact market that appeals to the younger crowd. The market is vibrant and creative, and a place where many of Phuket’s young artists display their handmade creations. Phuket Indy Market features live music as well as a decent choice of street food. It’s a fun, young atmosphere and the place to find a unique gift for a friend or loved one.

When: Wednesday, Thursday & Friday
Where: Phuket Town
Time: 4 - 10pm


Lard Yai (Sunday Walking Street Market)
A popular market in Phuket’s Old Town district, Lard Yai is a local market with artistic flair. Every Sunday, Thalang Road comes alive with local musicians, artists and charming market stalls. This is a great place to shop for souvenirs, enjoy a robust coffee and try street food of the Phuketian variety. Lard Yai is well worth checking out as it offers a tiny glimpse into Phuket’s local life in the atmosphere of a lively street bazaar.

When: Sundays
Where: Thalang Road
Time: 4 - 10pm

Chillva Market Phuket
Although relatively small, Chillva Market packs a powerful punch. The market features a wide array of container stalls selling items such as t-shirts, homemade beauty products, sunglasses and handbags. There’s a stage showcasing local entertainment, but most of the music is in Thai. Chillva also features a wide selection of local street food, cute coffee shops and pubs. Parking is available and, to avoid intense crowds, it’s best to go after 8:00pm.

When: Container shops daily, full market Thursday - Sunday
Where: Samkong
Time: 4 - 11pm

Lard G at Phuket Grocery
Lard G at Phuket Grocery is a tiny, well-organised market featuring an ample variety of food stalls. We recommend that you sample local items such as fried fish cakes and Hokkien noodles. Once your belly is full, head over to the performance stage to check out a local musician crooning away. Although there are clothing stalls here, Lard G at Phuket Grocery is best-known for its food stalls, which make for a quick, easy meal during the week.

When: Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday
Where: Phuket Grocery Parking Lot
Time: 5 - 10pm

Weekend Market (Talad Tai Rot)
The most popular weekend market, about 1km south of Central Festival, is officially called ‘Chao Fa Variety’ but is universally referred to by its Thai name ‘Talad Tai Rot’. There you’ll find a bewildering choice – everything from clothes to electronics. If you’re after handicraft items like tooled leather goods, Buddha images or second-hand books, you’ll not be disappointed. And if you’re hungry, there’s a huge selection of Thai snacks – all freshly prepared on the spot. The market opens at 4pm on Saturdays and Sundays − when it’s cooler. It’s a good idea to arrive early to avoid the crowds and traffic. Car parking can be a challenge.

When: Friday, Saturday & Sunday
Where: Opposite Naka Temple, Phuket City
Time: 4 - 10pm

The markets are great for those sticking to a busy schedule. As they’re on at various days and times of the week, there really is no excuse to not drop by and check one or two of them out. Enjoy shopping, eating and exploring at Phuket’s trendy markets.

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