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Shopping during high season

Welcome to Phuket in the high season. The monsoon rains fade into distant memories; the beach sand is smooth and clean beneath your toes and the blue seas lap gently on the halcyon shores. Emerald green palms and rocky promontories frame an idyllic scene that soothes the soul and enriches the mind.

Welcome to paradise where for a few precious days you can forget the challenges and traumas of business and existence on those distant cold forbidding shores of home. Take a dip in the surf – the water is blood temperature, soak up the sun, get some reading done or just chill. You need to build your stamina for that special dinner or ritzy nightclub experience late into the wee small hours. It’s so good it’s surprising that it’s not only legal but free!

You might think that it is just a matter of heading for the beach – I mean, from most hotel rooms you can see the Andaman from your bedroom window, but a little savvy shopping beforehand can never be a bad thing.

Beach Bag
The life support required for beach survival includes everything from sun glasses, suntan lotion, paperbacks, towels, a couple of changes of swimwear for the ladies – oh, the list is endless. You could of course just shove it all in a plastic bag but that wouldn’t do much for your image!

What you need is an attractive, colourful and trendy beach bag to match your outfit and make that special statement to those who are in the know.

We recommend you check out the Dok Chaba (means Chinese rose) bags. They come in a range of striking patterns and vibrant colours – they are the ’latest thing’ on the island fashion scene. You really can’t afford to be seen on the beach without one.

Sun Hats
If you are a frequent visitor to Royal Ascot you will ladies, already be aware of the necessity of appearing in the correct headgear. This year, the thing to be seen in is a pretty little white fabric thing tricked out with sweety beads and a colourful ribbon. On the practical side a hat is strongly recommended for shielding your eyes and face from the untoward attentions of UV radiation. Head straight for the Chartage Store in Jungceylon, Patong.

Sandals (aka Flip-flops)
You will probably never have thought of leaving home in such footwear when you are in northern climes but here in the tropics the humble flip-flop is light, cool and conveniently comfortable. On your way to the beach you may encounter stretches of hot concrete or pebbles. This humble sandal has of late had a makeover and now comes in an amazing variety of colours, decorations and styles. Simple doesn’t have to mean boring! It seems every shop has a selection on offer.

Once you are decked out in the accessories you can rely on being recognized for the seasoned beach traveler you are.

Check out the Chaba Collection at Jungceylon, Patong in the Siam Faison zone. Call: +66 (0)85 798 8533