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Tri Trang & Paradise Beaches

It is the combination of perfect beach and international nightlife that make Patong Beach an irresistible magnet for visitors from all over the world. Sometimes, though, we all yearn to get away from ‘the maddening crowd’ and find peace and tranquility. If this is your mood of the moment then read on.

November 2008

You may not be familiar with the name Tri Trang Beach. It is well hidden from the normal tourist routes.

The beach is located about three kilometres south of the main Patong Beach. From the beach front road, drive south towards the Muan-ngern Road roundabout, turn left and then follow the road uphill. You will find the beach signposted on the right. If you have no wheels, then a Tuk-Tuk taxi (about 150 baht) or motorbike taxi (40 baht) will transport you there without breaking the bank.

Tri Trang Beach is great for swimming and snorkeling when the tides are high, but at low tide the seas recede to expose a rocky foreshore. At this time it is still a delightfully picturesque spot. Just chill on the sunbeds provided.

At the far end of the beach you will find a flight of stone steps leading up the coconut forested slope. At the top a tiny restaurant nestles in the shade. Constructed entirely of traditional materials – even the seats are old tree stumps; there can be no more enchanting place to enjoy a relaxed meal. Generations of visitors have inscribed their thoughts and messages on every surface of the cabin: a piece of living history.

For the intrepid, there is a further tiny beach almost adjacent to Tri Trang called Paradise – a totally appropriate name. To get there from Tri Trang continue following the narrow jungle road for the distance of about 1.4 kilometres, keeping a weather eye out for the signs. Follow the small precipitous and winding concrete road passing Baan Yin Dee on up to the Merlin Beach Resort. If the road has you feeling a bit panicy, then negotiate carefully the sharp slope down into the Paradise Beach car park. If you do not wish to drive, take a Tuk-Tuk from Patong Beach for the princely sum of 300 baht. If you wish to arrive in style by sea, admiring the beauty of the Andaman Sea and Phuket's coastline, you can hire a longtail boat for the trip for about 1,000 baht. The boats leave from the south end of Patong Beach.

Paradise is a private beach open from 9:00 until 6:00, and is never crowded. The waters are crystal clear and the pure white sandy beach is framed by a lush green backdrop of coconut palms. Only 150 metres long, Paradise is a jewel in a perfect setting – a serene and unspoilt delight to the eye. There is a small restaurant which also rents beach chairs, snorkelling gear etc. If you are actively inclined why not try sea kayaking among the rocky coves.

Equipment rental prices:

  • Sunbed 60 baht
  • Mask 100 baht
  • Snorkel 20 baht
  • Fin 80 baht
  • Jacket 40 baht
  • Sea Canoe 250 baht
  • Body Board 100 baht
  • Beach Chair 100 Baht

If you would seek still more tranquillity and privacy, there is another small and white powdery sand beach, located next to Paradise Beach. Just continue south down the small path through the rocks. There you will find an even tinier hideaway. Here you can imagine that you are a castaway on some remote shore. The hustle-bustle and traffic of Patong Beach are nothing but a distant memory.

If you follow the same track up the hill you will reach a quiet and peaceful viewpoint which offers wonderful vistas of sea and surf; the darker blue of the deep waters contrasting with the azure surf effervescing on the dark, rocky promontories. As the sun goes down the whole sky becomes a pastel palette of light and dark – a sight you will never forget.

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