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Shopping for guys

I will confess that I suffer from the not unusual fascination which we women often have – shopping in general. Shopping for clothes has an attraction which borders on addiction. The Americans, in recognizing the seriousness of the condition, coined the term shopaholic. For me I’m afraid it is unkind but, oh so accurate. Unfortunately my enthusiasm, tenacity and expertise are strictly applicable to feminine wares. However, every now and then we ladies are confronted with the necessity of purchasing a gift for the man in our life. I have recently been faced with this problem and have been forced into undertaking some research into the strange motives which govern men’s tastes – including a little amateur psychology. Here we go.


Hot trends for men

You will have perhaps noticed that the unfairer sex is somewhat paranoid about time. Turn up half an hour late for lunch and the storm clouds are guaranteed to gather. Watches are of course one of the few items of jewellery which men can wear. The latest Italian design, Naked Colour Collection, is now available here and comes in a range of stunning bright colours - yellow, red, blue and grey - is very trendy and not too expensive.

When it comes to clothes for men the universal answer is jeans. My better half's wardrobe consists entirely of business suits and denim. Now jeans have come a long way since Lee Cooper began turning out sturdy work clothes held together with orange thread and rivets. Jeans are now chic with subtle detailing and distinctive stitching. The trend at the moment is for the 'skinny' look for a slimmer silhouette which leaves your man looking casual, lean and mean. Throw in a matching tee and a pair of cool trainers and the job's done. The days when skin care products were the exclusive reserve of women are long gone. In this modern age men are as concerned about their complexion as we are. Take the time to observe his skin type and then buy the appropriate products and your thoughtfulness will certainly be noticed.

Why not say it with flowers? Give the man in your life a nicely arranged bouquet of flowers and you will brighten his special day and the days that follow.

Of course a man's easy way out when returning from time away from his loved one, is to grab a bottle of perfume with a fashionable label and a nice box, at the duty-free counter on the way home. These days there are a huge range of colognes and aftershaves made with men in mind. He will love them.

Tips for shopping for men

Whatever you decide to buy it pays to sit down for a while first, and consider your partner's personality. Buy gifts which enhance that persona and emphasise the traits about him which make him attractive to you. You are also doing yourself a favour. Next, don't be driven by what the stars wear. Take a cool, realistic look at the man in your life and choose accordingly. Just because an item looks great on Brad Pitt doesn't mean that it's right for your partner.

Ladies know without being told that the best outfit needs the right matching accessories - don't forget that this rule goes for men as well.

<<< We spoke to Tanathon Vejidee (nicknamed Ken) who is a fashion-conscious person with clear ideas about this subject and she had this to say. "Actually men need some romance and thoughtfulness from their opposite number. So the best present can be something as simple as a single white lily because in my opinion it represents a thousand words which are hidden inside a woman's mind and the singular simple white bloom will soothe his soul".

So before you rush out and spend a fortune on a gift which will find its way to the back of your loved one's wardrobe, do a little analysis. We guarantee it will be time well spent.

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