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The Cove Phuket

  Cape Panwa

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Laid back beach vibe with a dose of sophistication and a stunning view of the neighbouring Islands. Seafood dishes, range of wood fired pizzas and delicious cocktails right on the beach!

The Cove Phuket
GPS coordinate: 7.814234, 98.396685

Laid back beach vibe with a dose of sophistication and a stunning view of the neighbouring Islands. Seafood dishes, range of wood fired pizzas and delicious cocktails right on the beach!

Price range 400-800 BahtBest to book a table Car park on site Major credit cards OK Has smoking area

From the restaurant:

“Places like The Cove aren’t supposed to still exist. With its prime beach front location, cool outdoor bar and waterfront dining, it’s the type of boutique restaurant that disappeared from Phuket.”

Our host suggests we arrive early at The Cove for the renowned sunset. Sadly, in the evening´s only `blip´, leaden skies at Ao Yon obscure the setting sun. But the view from this secluded spot on Cape Panwa is still spectacular: out in the darkening bay, the wooded shapes of Lone, Coral and Aew islands and, in the distance, a misty Koh Racha.

And everything that can be controlled by human agency is perfect. Edina, our host, emerges from the low-rise villas (for this is also an exclusive resort) to greet us warmly and guide us to scrubbed wooden tables (seating for 25) at the beach´s edge. With sand underfoot and coconut palms above, the sense of a sea-shore dining experience is palpable.

The main menu, sensibly laminated in plastic, makes for anticipatory reading; predictably strong on seafood, most is sourced daily from the local fish market while fresh vegetables come from Hydrofarm. Exotic cocktails are a house speciality, so we kick-start our evening with a splendid Margarita. The wine list is small but world-wide in range: six whites, eight reds and rosés.

On cue, the so-called `small dishes´ arrive, complemented by a glass of house wine, a Signus merlot from Chile. The portions are in fact not `small´ but generous: a melt-in-the mouth Tuna carpaccio with mojito dressing, thin slices of Parma ham classically garnished with melon, and - the pièce de resistance - a superb Crab mayonnaise: creamy meat inside an upturned crab shell surrounded by triangles of crisp pitta bread. Utterly delectable.

The main course menu features nine `fishy´ dishes - from Japanese sashimi-grade tuna steak to fish and chips - and five meat offerings including Oz rib-eye steak, pork ribs and a tasty-looking beef-burger. 13 sourdough wood-fired pizzas, with authentic Italian ingredients, are attractively priced.

Fernando, Edina´s Spanish partner, recommends the fish of the day and my partner opts for the Stir-fried, black pepper crab. They arrive accompanied by individual bowls of green salad, French fries and various garnishes and sauces. A nice touch. My dish, a local Jack fish (trevally) cooked in foil, is fresh and delicately flavoured. The pepper crab, one of The Cove´s signature dishes, is remarkably fine: large pieces of crab cooked in a rich, semi-sweet sauce. My Thai partner pronounces it one of the best crab dishes she has tasted. We finish with a plate-cleansing pistachio ice-cream.

In the bar area, where there is covered seating for more diners, the wooden slatted doors still allow the sea-breezes to waft in from the cove. Sand underfoot, palms and sea almonds add to the sense of being at one with nature.

The Cove, in existence for a mere nine months, is Saigon based Deck Group 2´s first Thai venture. It deserves to succeed. Just 20 minutes´ drive from Phuket Town, the restaurant is a bit off the beaten track, but the journey is well worth the effort.

Edina and Fernando run the enterprise with enormous charm. The atmosphere is reposeful and idyllic, the service discreet. Indeed, if you are looking for an `alfresco´ beach-side dining experience, reasonable prices and a fresh, invigorating cuisine, then this is the place to be.

Black peppered tuna steak

Black peppered tuna steak


  • 200g sashimi-grade tuna
  • 5g black pepper
  • 50g artichokes
  • 10g black olives
  • 60g steak tomatoes
  • 5g spring onion
  • 10g rocket salad
  • 10g onion
  • 2 tsp olive oil, balsamic dressing and lemon juice


Brush the fish with olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper. To grill the tuna, heat a charcoal or stove top cast iron grill to maximum and grill each side for approximately two minutes. The centre should be raw, like sushi or the tuna will be tough and dry. Allow to stand for 5-10 minutes and serve. In a small bowl, whisk together the olive oil, balsamic vinegar and lemon juice. Gently toss in artichokes, olives, tomato and onion to combine. Serve the tuna on a bed of salad and garnish with spring onion and rocket salad.

About the Chefs

About the chef Somjit

Chef Somjit from Udon Thani started his career 26 years ago as a kitchen helper, when he discovered his passion for food and his executive chef took him under his wing. Before creating his signature dishes at the Cove Phuket, he previously worked for Cape Panwa Hotel and Movenpick, where he got a chance to travel and teach Thai cooking in Vietnam and Saudi Arabia. In Saudi Arabia he personally looked after the King’s food and learned how to make the best hummus possible. The secret of his dishes is in their simplicity by using the freshest ingredients. Chef Somjit believes “food is love, so cook with your heart!”

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