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Canal Village at Laguna Phuket

Something is cooking...


After almost 20 months of hibernation due to Covid, there is some change in the air at Canal Village, the shopping centre in the midst of Laguna. One of the most romantic terraces in the whole of Phuket is just about to get some new competition. On 21 November, an original Naples pizza oven just made its way via Genova, Singapore and Bangkok to arrive at Canal Village.

Antonino Alegna (Tony for short) is excited to see his Naples hometown oven producer deliver the large oven with the Vesuvius Lava Rock (called biscotti di Sorento) base in order for him to make ‘la vera pizza’. So, located right next to the Laguna ferry pier at Canal Village, visitors from afar will smell the wonderful aroma of the freshly baked pizzas.

The Canal Village parking will have a new feature – an electric car charging station – enabling visitors to Phuket to ensure that their car batteries are fully recharged, while they are doing some shopping, having dinner, a nail treatment or a drink. This is expected to be fully operational during the month of December. It is hoped that solar panels will be added afterwards to a roof providing shade to the cars and sustainable power for the guests.

After leaving the (Canal Village) parking, an ATM machine, SCB exchange booth, Family Mart and Canaloni provides cash, convenience and a wonderful Chiang Rai coffee, wraps, salads, sandwiches, hot Thai and international dishes and pastry items at the latest Coffee and Takeaway Terrace Café.

 Contact info:
FB: Albatross Cafe
IG: albatross.phuket

Canal Village Contact: 076 362 330
Canaloni – 7am-6pm: 098 016 8122
Pizza on Fire – 12am-11pm: 089 946 2928
Café – 10am-9.30pm (Reservations): 098 018 8122