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MONOPOLY: PHUKET EDITION tokens go on holiday!

March 2021
MONOPOLY: PHUKET EDITION tokens go on holiday!

It was announced last month that Phuket will soon be getting its own edition of the world’s favorite family board game, MONOPOLY, which will see the traditional streets being replaced by key places around Phuket, from the shops and markets, to the beaches and hotels, all the way through to the most iconic attractions.

“We have had a wealth of emails and suggestions coming in for Phuket, so thank you for
each and every single one of them! We are taking them all into consideration whilst putting together the design of the game”, says Jennifer Lau from Winning Moves UK, who is producing the game under official license from MONOPOLY brand owners, Hasbro.

Whilst MONOPOLY: Phuket Edition is being put together, it is now revealed that the playing tokens will be taking on a holiday theme.

“We wanted to change the tokens so that they would be more suitable for an island like Phuket, where so many people like to go on holiday to.”

“There will be six themed tokens that replace the original and we want to hear your suggestions for what these tokens should be!”

Thoughts and suggestions can be sent via email to ​[email protected]​ as well as the​ ​Phuket Monopoly Facebook page​.