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Magical Natai Beach

Imagine a beach totally free of parasols and beach chairs as well as completely clear of strolling vendors; a beach where the white sand stretches as far as the eye can see and rolling waves gently kiss the shoreline. This beach does exist, and surprisingly, it's not far from Phuket. Natai Beach is truly Paradise Found and is just a short jaunt from Phuket’s iconic Sarasin Bridge.

  Natai Beach, Phang Nga

In places, Natai Beach appears to be as wide as it is long. The shoreline is backed by large, tropical and casuarina trees accompanied by verdant vegetation. It's a magical spot as it's not often a beach with so little development is actually found in Thailand.

Drinking in the natural beauty of Natai Beach is easy. Not only is it a gorgeous natural parcel of land, but often it's nearly deserted, giving it a very exclusive beach holiday feel. Sunsets here are nothing short of stunning, and at any given time of year the skies put on a delightful show of oranges, purples, pinks and blues enhancing the already dramatic backdrop of this beach.

Refreshingly, there are a number of rubbish bins placed in strategic spots along the 10km coastal stretch of Natai Beach, encouraging daytrippers, locals and tourists to keep the beach clean. This little campaign is obviously working as Natai Beach is nearly free of debris.

The roads that wind to and from Natai Beach snake through tiny villages, shrimp farms, undeveloped land and towering palm trees. Every now and again, a farm hugs the narrow roads.


People native to this part of Thailand are quite friendly. Theirs is a simple life that relies on natural resources, and most of the local village people encountered are farmers or fishermen. You can expect loads of friendly smiles, waves and nods of the head when making the trek to the beach and there’s no need to worry if you find yourself lost as the locals are very kind and quick to point you in the right direction.

Natai Beach hosts a public pier that's the heart of the action in this peaceful area. The pier is busy early in the morning and just before sunset, as fishermen prepare to go out in boats in the early hours and bring their fresh catches back towards the end of the day. A lot of people also fish off of the pier while others take a stroll to stretch their legs. Although the pier is not very big or long there’s a strong sense of community here watching the local people meet and greet each other throughout the day.

Natai Beach holds another special treat in the form of Natai Bridge. An old wooden bridge that is no longer functional, Natai Bridge is a photographer's dream. It's an ideal spot and considerably photogenic once the sun begins to set. If you're looking to snap that picture-perfect postcard moment with a camera or a Smartphone this is the quintessential landmark to frame your background. The bridge is located near a luxurious resort, but the beach is open to the public. Any local will enthusiastically give directions to Natai Bridge if asked.

There's not much in the way of food available at Natai Beach although there's a beachfront restaurant that offers a wide variety of Thai dishes and fresh seafood at affordable prices. There are also a variety of small local restaurants on the main road before turning off to Natai Beach. We recommend you stop at any number of these local haunts for steaming noodles, spicy curries, grilled meats and heaping plates of fried rice. All of the local restaurants are accustomed to takeaway orders and the few small convenience-type stores sell all other necessities including bottled water, beach mats and snacks.

Accommodation in and around the Natai Beach area tends to be high end. There's a scattering of deluxe villas and private, four- and five-star resort accommodation choices around this area and access to these places is strictly off limits unless you’re a paying guest. A few budget bungalow accommodations can be found just near the beach and prices vary depending upon the season but it’s best to keep in mind that none of this accommodation is fancy. In fact, most budget bungalows offer almost nothing in the way of amenities, only a bed to sleep on and washing facilities.

Located just a short drive over Phuket's Sarasin Bridge, Natai Beach is a long, lovely stretch of undeveloped beach featuring white sands, towering trees, gently rolling waves and stunning scenery. It's an idyllic location and offers a tremendous amount of solitude as well as a chance to appreciate nature. Natai Beach makes for a relaxing day trip from Phuket as it has a deserted island feel along Phang Nga's gorgeous coast.

Getting there
Natai Beach is easily accessible from Phuket International Airport and Sarasin Bridge. It's located just 25km from the airport. Follow Route 402 north from Maikhao Dream Resort & Spa Natai Phang Nga until you reach Khok Kloi. Here, the road signs are well marked and will lead you directly to Natai Beach.

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