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Rock Lobster Cake

by Sala Bua


Lobster cake (one serving)

• 100g rock lobster meat
• 1 egg white
• 20g breadcrumbs
• 1 pinch salt
• 1 pinch of ground black pepper
• 1 pinch lemon zest

• Rocket salad
• mizuna
• red coral
• cherry tomatoes
• carrot
• white radish
• cucumber
• extra-virgin olive oil
• balsamic vinegar

• 15g Thai seafood dipping sauce
• 30g mayonnaise

For the lobster cake, first finely chop or mince lobster meat then mix with egg white, seasoning and breadcrumbs. The cake should be firm but not hard. Sear the cake in a hot frying pan or griddle with a squirt of oil until a golden brown crust forms on each side then remove from heat.

Pick the salad leaves into small pieces and finely julienne the carrot and radish. Toss with balsamic and olive oil. Arrange salad on the plate with rolled cucumber slices, and then lay the warm lobster cake on top a spoon full of aioli.

About Chef George
Chef George hails from Devon in England. His career started in the Caribbean with its culturally diverse food scene. After an apprenticeship at the Prospect Reef Resort and internship at the Savoy Hotel in London, Chef George graduated from the New England Culinary Institute with a degree in culinary arts.

Chef George is now Executive Chef of Impiana Resort in Patong, with four outlets: Sala Bua restaurant, beachfront dining with Mediterranean flair; The Bistro, serving Italian ‘mama-style’ dishes; 3 Spices, with the true flavours of Phuket, and finally Beach Bar for poolside/beachside cocktails and light snacks.

  • Rock Lobster Cake

Sala Bua