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Pan-fried Grouper

by Senzees restaurant



  • 200 gm Grouper fish fillet
  • 5 gm Salt
  • 5 gm Pepper
  • 10 gm Olive oil
  • 10 gm Baby carrot
  • 30 gm Onion cut 1 inch
  • 40 gm Asparagus
  • 20 gm Zucchini
  • 20 gm Black quinoa
  • 10gm Dried apricot
  • 10 gm Onion
  • 30 gm Apricot halves
  • 5 gm Spring onion

Provencal Sauce 50gm

  • 2 pcs Fish bones
  • 200 gm Onions
  • 100 gm Carrots
  • 100 gm Leek
  • 100 gm Tomato paste
  • 20 gm Dills
  • 10 gm Black olives
  • 10 gm Diced tomato


  1. Pan fry the seasoned grouper fish filet at medium heat till cooked with crispy skin then set aside.
  2. In the same pan, add olive oil and sautéed onion, dried apricot, cooked black quinoa, spring onions and seasoning with salt and pepper.
  3. Grill vegetables (baby carrots, onions, asparagus, zucchini and fresh apricot halves) till brown.
  4. Make Provencal sauce with sautéed onion, carrots and leek with butter in the pot then add fish bones, dill, black olives and tomato paste for flavour and colour. Pour water into the pot and simmer till the sauce is reduced to a nice body.
  5. Serve on a single plate with black quinoa, crispy grouper fish, vegetables and Provencal sauce as pictured.

About Chef Weerayut ‘Oudi’ Utedpornratanakul

Award-winning Executive Chef Oudi Utedpornratanakul has not only managed to successfully make it over the ‘cuisine wall’ that many chefs of cultural cuisine find themselves trapped behind, but he has also become a highly sought-after consultant to restaurants as well. An experienced cooking instructor with a strong business background, he also knows what success is, in and out of the kitchen.

Born in Thailand, Oudi ventured to the U.S. and introduced Texans to his version of Asian fusion cuisine. Satisfying local tastes he quickly began receiving invitations to appear in celebrity competitions, and garnered top honours such as the Rising Star Chef of Dallas. Soon Oudi began winning medals at regional and national competitions.

Chef Oudi moved back to Thailand in 2009 and has worked with many hotels such as Centara Grand Mirage Beach & Resort, Tsix 5 Hotel and Garden Cliff – all in Pattaya – before moving to Phuket and is presently executive chef at Eastin Yama Hotel.


  • Executive Chef Weerayut ‘Oudi’ Utedpornratanakul

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