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Barramundi Potatoes and Lentils

by Cape Sienna Hotel & Villas


Ingredients (serves 4)

1 kg Barramundi fillet
300 gm fresh potatoes
Salt to taste
Pepper to taste
40 ml extra virgin olive oil
40 gm onion
40 gm celery
40 gm carrot
40 gm Italian lentils (Lenticchie di Castelluccio di Norcia)
2 litres vegetable stock

The lentil stew
Chop the onion, carrot and celery with the food processor and strain them well. In a large skillet, pour extra virgin olive oil and when hot, add the chopped vegetables. Fry until there is no longer water. Add the dried lentils and double the volume with vegetable stock, which it has to be at room temperature. Bring to boil and simmer until the lentils are soft.

The barramundi fillet
Clean the fillet and divide it in four portions. Pat dry the fillet with a clean, odorless kitchen cloth. Peel the potatoes and slice them very thin with a slicer machine, wash the slices very well and pat them dry – also with a clean, odorless kitchen cloth.

Season the fillets with salt and pepper, wrap them one by one with the potato slices. In a non-stick pan, sear the fillet with extra virgin olive oil, until the potato is golden, then move the fillet into an oiled baking tray and bake at 180°C (356°F) until well done.


Place the fillet on a large plate and, on a side, make a “turret” of lentils, with the help of a cup. Sprinkle the fish with extra virgin olive oil and serve hot.

About Executive Chef Francesco Greco

Chef Francesco was born in 1970 in Sardinia, an island in the Mediterranean Sea belonging to Italy. The third generation of chefs in his family, he has studied in different hotel schools in Italy and worked in restaurants and hotels since 1986, including Michelin starred venues in France and Italy.

Appointed Executive Chef at Cape Sienna Hotel & Villas in 2010, he’s still in charge of all culinary operations in the hotel. His gastronomic heritage includes culinary knowledge from various parts of the world; from the lush grasslands of Hungary to the scorching deserts of Qatar, but his first love still remains the Mediterranean cuisine, made from the freshest ingredients with sharp yet delicate flavours, combined with skilful craftsmanship and an eye for modern nutritional science.


  • Chef Francesco Greco

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