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  Nai Yang

November 2018

SUSHI RICE (1 portion)

  • 80g sushi rice
  • 120 ml water

Cook sushi rice to desired texture and keep warm and moist.


  • 10 ml Japanese mitzukan vinegar
  • 1g salt
  • 3g sugar.

Mix all ingredients and boil till salt and sugar dissolved. Set aside to cool down. Once vinegar mixtures cooled down, to mix with cooked warm sushi rice. On a tray, spread the sushi rice and fan it till it cools down.


  • 35g fresh salmon, deboned and roughly chopped
  • 10g Japanese mayonnaise
  • 5g spring opinion, chopped
  • 3g Japanese tobiko

In a bowl, mix all ingredients together and keep chilled.


  • 0.5 piece sushi nori seaweed.

Placed sushi rice mixture on sushi nori seaweed and spread our evenly. Gently spoon salmon stuffing on sushi rice. Carefully roll as in the photo and set aside.


  • 100g tempura flour mixture
  • 150 ml water
  • 1 piece egg yolk

Mix all ingredient together and keep chill in fridge. Gently flour salmon maki and dip into chilled tempura dough and deep fry in hot oil at 160°C until light golden brown.
Remove from deep fryer and cut into desired size. Placed cut salmon maki tempura on plate and garnish with mayonnaise, tobiko and spring onion as shown in the photo.

About the chef Sous Chef Thanuphet
Also known as “Chef Phet”, he joined The Slate during Rivet’s transformation into a Japanese Restaurant, working closely with consultant Chef Toshiyuki Koike, owner of Enzo in Khao Lak.

Chef Phet brings over 10 years of experience in creating delicately prepared Japanese food, sourced from only the best local and Japanese suppliers, ensuring every meal is as exquisite as it can be.

  • Sous Chef Thanuphet