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Pla Krapong Tom Yom Haeng

by Panwa House Restaurant

  Cape Panwa


  • 120 gm red snapper
  • 30 gm onions
  • 10 gm sliced chili
  • 3 gm kaffir lime leaves
  • 40 gm vegetable oil
  • 20 gm fish sauce
  • 80 gm fresh milk
  • 50 gm corn flour
  • 50 gm mushrooms
  • 20 gm lemon grass
  • 10 gm galangal
  • 2 gm coriander root
  • 50 gm seasoned chili
  • 20 gm lemon
  • 2 gm coriander
  • palm oil

Method: Coat the whole red snapper with cornflour and fry in a skillet with palm oil.

Take prepared vegetable oil, onions, lemon grass, galangal, coriander root, kaffir lime leaves and chili and mix together into a pot. Set on low heat and let the mix simmer.

Put seasoned chili, mushrooms, fresh milk, fish sauce, and lemon sauce into the simmering pot and mix all ingredients together.

When the red snapper is fully cooked, place the fish on a serving plate. Take the sauce mix and slowly it pour over the red snapper.

About Chef Kan Buathong

Chef Buathong was born in Thailand’s Samut Sakhon province. His culinary career began a little over 30 years ago when he accepted his first position as a chef at the Pearl Hotel in Phuket. His expertise and creativity secured positions in Thailand’s top hotels, as well as the annual honour of cooking Thai cuisine at The Boulevard Hotel in Singapore.

Chef Buathong currently works as the Executive Sous Chef for Cape Panwa Hotel. He is highly proficient in the preparation and presentation of Thai cuisine, as well as several international cuisines, and lends his personal touch to each and every private dining engagement offered at Cape Panwa Hotel.

  • Chef Kan Buathong

Panwa House Restaurant