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Phuket’s Floating Market



A vibrant mix of traditional and modern, you can buy a bowl of noodles from a ‘floating’ vendor or a thousand varieties of Thai snacks, soft drinks, great coffee or ice cream from one of the waterside shops.

For more serious hunger pangs, there’s a typical food court, a pizza restaurant, curries from Patthalung and more. A good feed is a critical part of any shopping trip – and the floating market does not disappoint.

What next? You could take a boat trip around the market, drop into the ‘superhero’ café-bar – or one of the other spots where the man of the house can relax while the lady browses... or why not start shopping now?

You absolutely MUST visit @beach for the latest hats, bags, fancy flip-flops, beachwear and more. Don’t miss out! This is arguably the best-stocked shop in the whole market! And the prices are, of course, unbelievably attractive.

But there’s lot more than shopping. Take a stroll around the boardwalk, chat with the vendors, see how relaxing life on the water could be in days gone by.
Want more? Check out the traditional Thai dancing and music performances that are staged just inside the entrance throughout the day.

That’s all very well, but it is a market. And markets are for serious shopping and eating. How does the Phuket Floating Market shape up in this respect? Pretty good – and getting better every day.

There really is something for everyone here: Beachwear and accessories, hats and shoes galore, inflatable toys for the kids, traditional Thai outfits (they make great gifts for the folks back home), herbal remedies, cosmetics, fresh and dried fruits and more... and more... PLUS every kind of snack and fast food you could want AND one or two comfortable places to grab a cold beer, gin and tonic or whatever you fancy while you rest your feet.

Finally, if time allows, why not get a foot massage, a Thai massage or dangle your feet in a fish spa.

Phuket’s Floating Market
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