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Fish the Exotic: simply the best fishing experience in Phuket and surrounding areas    Mike Bailey for Exotic Fishing Thailand

Visitors to Phuket and Phang Nga can enjoy some amazing fishing in both salt and fresh water.


The salt water fishing for larger species can be challenging at times but there are still a few old salts of the sea who can hook you up with some high-flying sailfish and other species.

When it comes to freshwater fishing there is a selection of ponds and lakes within a few hours of Phuket airport which can satisfy anglers of all levels.

Perhaps the most well-known fishing lake in the Phuket area is the beautiful lake resort known as Exotic Fishing Thailand. Conveniently located just one hour north of Phuket International Airport the man-made lake of 10 acres is set in a beautiful setting surrounded by stunning lime stone Karsts and wild jungle.

The lake’s inhabitants include over 60 different exotic fish species with the largest specimens being Arapaima and Giant Mekong Catfish to over 160 kg. Other popular species include Siamese Carp, Amazon Redtail Catfish, Alligator Gar, and many other favorites.

The method of fishing is “catch and release” bait fishing using conventional carp style equipment specifically designed to suit the monster fish lurking in its 5m depths. All equipment and bait are provided along with direction and/or assistance from enthusiastic fishing guides. Fishing is done from comfortable lakeside fishing salas built for privacy and shelter from the elements. For multiple day fishing trips, we have luxury Mountain View accommodation available. The lakeside restaurant is well known for its Thai and international dishes.

Prices are available direct by email request with specials for families and groups. Transportation can be arranged.