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Fish the Exotic    By Mike Bailey for Exotic Fishing Thailand


Exotic Fishing Thailand would like to welcome you to the new fishing page for WINDOW on Phuket magazine. Fishing is a great sport that can be appreciated on many different levels. Whether it’s professionals fishing in tournaments or families enjoying fun fishing on their holidays, the popular sport has something for everyone.

In future issues we will give insight into both sport fishing in the surrounding Andaman Sea and freshwater fishing in beautiful man-made lakes as well as the natural lakes and rivers of the nearby Khao Sok area.

Our main focus is to provide accurate information so you can make informed decisions on how to spend your valuable recreational time and hard-earned money. Fishing is not a perfect science, but a well-informed angler is usually a more successful and happy angler.

We will openly share tips and techniques on where, when and how to catch as many of your target species as possible. Watch for interviews with credible captains, professional guides and resort owners who are committed to your fishing success.

On the freshwater fishing scene, our focus this month is on one of the best-known fishing lakes in the ‘Greater Phuket’ area – Exotic Fishing Thailand, the beautiful lake resort conveniently located just one hour north of Phuket International Airport and one hour twenty minutes from Krabi and Khao Lak. ‘EFT’, as it is commonly known amongst regulars, boasts a 10-acre man-made lake in a beautiful setting, surrounded by stunning limestone karsts and wild jungle. The lake’s inhabitants include over 60 different exotic fish species, the largest specimens being Arapaima and Giant Mekong Catfish to over 160 kg.

The bait fishing method is used, with conventional carp style equipment and rigs specifically designed to suit the monster fish lurking in the lake’s 5-metre depths. All equipment and a reasonable amount of bait is provided, along with direction and/or assistance from enthusiastic fishing guides. All fishing is ‘catch and release’; no ‘lure fishing’ or outside equipment is allowed in an effort to guarantee the safe release of the fish.

You fish from comfortable lakeside fishing salas, built for privacy and shelter from the elements. If you are interested in multiple days fishing, luxury Mountain View accommodation is available in modern, spacious and convenient bungalows. The lakeside restaurant is well known for its Thai and international dishes, which can also be served lakeside.

The most sought after species at EFT is the Amazon monster Arapaima. We are proud to have the largest concentration of these incredible fish over 50 kg in the whole of Thailand. Most of our fish are grown from fry, which are sourced in Thailand from breeding stock originating from Thailand’s buoyant aquarium industry. Other popular species include Siamese Carp, Amazon and Asian Redtail Catfish, Alligator Gar, Goonch Catfish and many other Thai and Amazon favourites.

The best prices are available direct by email request with specials for families and groups. Transportation can also be arranged.

GPS coordinate: 8.484406, 98.559621

 Contact info:

Exotic Fishing (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
English +66 88 379 9377 or Thai +66 81 199 5922
[email protected]

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