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Mitsu Tiansin Motors

  Phuket City

Thinking of “Mitsubishi” cars Think of Tiansin Motors Kho Rang.
And we are Mitsubishi’s automotive leaders for over 40 years in Phuket.

Promotion same deal as Motor show
No down payment + pay only partial instalments for 10 months

Buy one today, you will receive (1 Mar 2020 - 30 Apr 2020)

  • Free 1 year frist class insurance
  • Free Car maintenance checking fee for 5 years
Mitsu Tiansin Motors

Mitsu Tiansin Motors

GPS coordinate: 7.887478,98.377117

 Contact info:

Mitsu Tiansin Mortors
37/5 Maeluan Road T.Taladneur Muang Phuket
Tel. +66 76 225 136-40
Facebook: Mitsubishi Tiansin Motors Phuket