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Tipwarintron Tanaakarachod

This month we’d like to introduce you to a Public Relations and Marketing Communications Manager with a difference. She’s what the Americans would call ‘one smart cookie’.

March 2010

Where are you from originally?
I’m from Chonburi.

What brought you to Phuket?
I came here in 2008, to start a new life. I love to be near the sea, and Phuket has so many different things to offer; including employment, of course.

Tell us a little about your career in Thailand.
I’d been living in London and came to Samui on holiday. On arrival, a friend offered me a job in real estate, so I stayed. When I moved to Phuket, I found a job with the Gazette preparing reports for the newspaper and its TV channel. Great fun. I got to meet so many new people and learnt a lot. Now I’ve joined the hotel group, Cape Sienna as Public Relations and Marketing Communications Manager. It’s a great job. It suits my style, and is just fun to do. I’ve a great boss, Khun Frank who’s our General Manager. I’ve learnt an awful lot from him and his team.

What is your philosophy for working?
Do my best, live for today and leave judgments to others. You’ve got to work hard and be flexible. New challenges come up all the time. I think you have to travel to gain broad experience. You can’t learn about life from books – even if you read a thousand of them! Above all, share and try to help others. If you’re the boss, you’re responsible even when things go wrong.

What is your most meaningful accomplishment?
I think working with the charity, Women’s Willpower Phuket. I hope to keep contributing for a long time.

How do you handle stress?
By visiting the temple; it puts petty concerns into perspective. Existence and life are like a circle. All the things which you’re fighting to do or to become, will in the long run amount to nothing. There’s therefore, no reason to get stressed. Live each day, one at a time. Always be honest with yourself, and be happy in your own skin.

And what are the best and worst things about living here?
I love living here because it’s busy, but not too busy. You can always escape to peace and quiet if you want to. On the downside, much of what goes on here is aimed at the tourists. This is fine for them, as they’re only on the island for a short time. This doesn’t mean it’s not good. It’s just that if you live here, you can’t do the same. You can’t be on holiday all the time.

How old are you?
I’m now 35.

Whereabouts do you live in Phuket?
I live in the Koh Keaw area. It’s clean and safe and suits my lifestyle. Best of all, the neighbours are great.

What is you marital status?
I’m still single with no kids; only dogs.

Are you planning to start a family soon?
Em!!! That’s not entirely my choice. If there’s a man out there who wants to share a fun, happy lifestyle and is well off, maybe he can call me. Oh, one other thing! Love me, love my dogs.

Tell us about your lifestyle. What do you do with your free time, if you’ve any? It’s pretty simple really. I’m busy almost all the time, what with my job and charity work. When I do get a chance I like to read a book, socialise with friends or go to the beach. I love to play with my dogs, and last but most certainly not least, I like to visit with my family and go with them to the temple or stay around the kitchen. Good food is good life.

What do you do for fun?
Em!! Life is about fun. Working is fun. I’m very lucky to have a positive personality. You know, even when you have a problem or a broken heart, it’s all part of life. Finding out about yourself and how to survive is enjoyment if you’ve the right mindset. I never say, “Why me?” I say, “Try me!”

How often do you exercise?
This is really bad of me. I use to do sports every day, but now I haven’t done anything for a year. But I still like to do yoga.

How would you describe yourself?
A lot of people see me as a fun and extrovert person, always buzzing around. In fact, I’m very sincere and passionate about everything I do, whether it’s business or pleasure. Passion is the very essence of my life. I‘ve a very wide circle of acquaintances, but very few true friends who know me as I really am.

So how do you think your friends see you?
My friends, eh!!! They think I’m sexy, naughty, funny, smart and at the same time scary, because they never know what I’ll come up with next.