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Sorasak Kunathron

He has a home in Chiang Mai, a successful business in Phuket and a relaxed and mature demeanour to be envied. How does he pull it off? Let’s find out.

Please tell us briefly about your background.
I’m originally from Chiang Mai. After graduating with a law degree from Chiang Mai University, I spent five years working as a lawyer for Kad Suan Kaew shopping mall. I then joined the Koolpan Villa Project, Chiang Mai for five years. After that, I started my own law and accounting office.

How did you get into the business of decorations?
Back when I was an employee I undertook an accountancy consulting job collaborating with my girlfriend, who was running a jewellery business based on the brand, Silverado. They export their products to more than 20 countries worldwide. Clearly, the product had an international appeal. I began looking for a suitable place to market the product line. Phuket was an obvious choice, so I invited the manufacturer to make a trip here. It was my first visit, too. Eventually, we decided to open a showroom on the island.

What was your personal motivation in starting the business?
I love to be close to everything beautiful.

How’s it going?
After six months, we’re getting a very positive reaction from our customer base. We now plan to open more showrooms. We’re the only agency importing the Silverado range.

What is the design concept of Silverado?
The product is fashionable and constantly innovative, internationally.

Which countries do they particularly target?
The major targets are countries in Europe, America and Australasia. Now we are starting to hit the Asian market.

What is your style of leadership?
I think the working environment is the important thing for me. We aim to minimise the stresses in the workplace, and narrow the gap between employer and employee.

How old are you?
I’m 41 years old.

What is your marital status?
I married a Khon Khan girl who I met at university. We have two children, one son and a daughter, both of whom are in Chiang Mai.

What is the plan for your kids?
The plan is to ensure that they grow up in a stable environment. In due course, I would hope that they’ll join the family business. However, if they don’t like this, they can make any choice they want.

What is the secret of success in life?
Choose a reliable line of business which you love doing. Simple really.

If you find yourself upset or in a bad mood, how can you get back on track?
Just try to calm down, and then you’ll forget whatever was bothering you.

Do you mostly work in Phuket?
No, my family is Chiang Mai, so I only come here for work once or twice a month, maybe four or five days at a time.

Whereabouts do you stay in Phuket, when you visit?
I choose a hotel in the Ku Ku area because it’s peaceful, and I know the owner of that hotel – we’re both from Chiang Mai.

What do you like and dislike about living in Phuket?
I love Phuket’s seas and beaches. In the north, we only have mountains. It makes a nice contrast.

How is Phuket from your point of view?
It’s very beautiful, deserving of its sobriquet, ‘Pearl of the Andaman Sea’.

Which areas of Phuket do you like most?
I like the Sino-Portuguese style buildings in Phuket City. They have their own superb charm and provide a beautiful ambience. These buildings tell stories of topography, weather, history, society, nationality and the origins of Phuket.

How do you divide time between yourself and your family?
I don’t divide the time. I do both at the same time, working and taking care of the family.

Could you tell us about your lifestyle? Did it change after you got married and had kids?
I accept that there were a few changes. I now have to think about my children’s future before I decide to do something. For all that I have these extra responsibilities. I still think I have a pretty easy-going lifestyle.