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Kwanlapha 'Mandy' Tongsom

How long have you been with Boathouse and what attracted you to the job?
I started 10 months ago as Director of Sales. I was attracted to the job because it's an iconic hotel in Phuket, with a long history. I knew of the takeover and was very interested in working on the rebranding of the resort along with the new owners and management team.

Where were you working before?
I used to work at The Royal Phuket Yacht Club, Naiharn, as Assistant Director of Sales.

Where are you from?
I come from Phattalung, which is where I was born and went to school.

What’s unique about Boathouse?
Boathouse is an iconic, long established resort property. Its unique points are its location directly on Kata Beach, its boutique size with only 38 rooms and its award-wining food and beverage facilities. The famed cuisine, award-winning wine cellar and attentive service at Boathouse Wine & Grill are well known and now, with the impressive RE KÁ TA beach club next door, we really have a winning combination. ww

Why would someone choose to come to Boathouse?
Visitors choose our resort because we're small, boutique, offer amazing views over the Andaman Sea and give a highly personalised service. Our guests love the fact that we're right on the beach and that our beach boys manage the stretch of beach in front of the hotel. The restaurants represent some of the best dining experiences on Phuket, with a menu full of delectable dishes, a wine cellar of high repute, attentive service and a stunning location.

Tell us something about your role in the business?
I'm leading, managing, developing and implementing sales & marketing strategies for the hotel and its F&B facilities. It’s exciting exploring new avenues, new markets and new opportunities all the time!

What are the main challenges as they relate to your role?
To achieve our ambitious sales targets!

…and what are the biggest difficulties you have to overcome?
The fact that in this day and age, everything is evolving so fast... the online world (which we're all learning about every day) makes my role a very challenging one.

What is your main target market?
For high season it still remains Europeans and Scandinavians, whereas in low season Australians and Asians.

Marketing is obviously an important part of every business – what is your approach to marketing Boathouse to your target?
We spend a lot of time researching the best marketing strategies and tactics. Online marketing is critical these days, but the most important thing is to get the marketing mix right, taking into account every type of media.

What do you like most about what you do now?
Doing what I do in a stunning environment right on the beach.

And what do you like least…?
Sometimes there is just not enough time to enjoy our excellent facilities, especially a Martini in the pool on the bean bag at RE KÁ TA.

What do you see as your biggest successes to date?
I have just graduated with a Masters Degree in Marketing, which will help a lot to my job and develop our business.

To what extent does the current global financial mess affect your business?
It does affect us, of course, but we are finding other ways to sustain our business and we're lucky to be in the middle of Asia which is a great source of business, especially for low season.

Is Boathouse involved in any CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) programmes?
Yes we are and we've just joined Kata Green Club, an association trying to look at the important issues to be improved upon, such as beach cleaning, treatment of rubbish, etc.

Please give us an overview of your typical day ‘at work’. What tools (if any) do you use to schedule your time?
It’s hard to manage my time as, in the sales field, there is always something unexpected that pops up. But I do have to prioritise, so whilst I know when I will start work each day, I never know when I finish!!!

How would you describe your leadership style?
Role Model / Coaching.

What is your over-riding ambition at this stage in your life?
To own my own business, probably a small hotel.

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