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23 Restaurant & Lake Club


+66 64 027 2323

Relaxing location by the lake with a panoramic view, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner both indoors and outdoors, with special area for private parties/events.

GPS coordinate: 7.9931138,98.3036504

Relaxing location by the lake with a panoramic view, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner both indoors and outdoors, with special area for private parties/events.

Price range 400-800 BahtBooking not necessary Car park on site Major credit cards OK Has smoking area Has DJ on site

From the restaurant:

A spacious restaurant that caters to everyone’s needs, from a relaxing outdoor lake-front garden area, to the indoor coffee lounge area. We serve fusion, Mediterranean, Japanese and Thai food. Join an exclusive dining experience, once-in-a-lifetime events, a romantic moment and everything in between.

Newly opened, 23 Restaurant and Club is a modern European restaurant located in Boat Avenue.

Dine lakeside for a romantic evening or choose the elegant indoor surroundings for a more intimate dining experience. Featuring a full menu of delightful European and international cuisine as well as a modern wine cellar, 23 Restaurant and Club sets the bar for a refined dining experience.

Greeted by the owner, we opt to sit outside to enjoy the last colours of sunset and the evening breeze. We dig into the menu straight away, and on recommendation, order starters of Tuna Tataki, Avocado Organic Cold Soup and a Green Organic Mix Salad, served with healthy seeds and pine nuts. The Tuna Tataki is the standout dish of the starters. It’s fresh and zesty, featuring avocado sauce, sesame oil and the common Japanese spice mixture togorashi. The tuna is tender and the portion size perfect to share. The avocado soup is an interesting concept, but lacks the sparkle to keep me interested. The mix salad is tasty; the lettuce leaves are crunchy, the pine nuts add flavour and the simple splash of lemon juice as dressing is just right.

The varied main dishes arrive accordingly and include Lamb Chops with Mashed Mint Potatoes, Organic Chicken served with grilled vegetables and homemade mushroom sauce and Salmon in Thai herbs and a green tea sauce. The dishes are all presented well. The mashed mint potatoes and chunky and creamy, with just a slight hint of mint, while the grilled vegetables accompanying the chicken are perfectly seasoned.

The chef’s culinary skills really shine on these three dishes, especially on the preparation and presentation of the salmon dish. Flavoured with ginger and lemongrass, the salmon is fresh and tender and splashed in a green tea sauce. This dish is unique to the restaurant, an original creation of the chef and one not to be missed as the unique flavours really bring out the taste of the salmon.

For those who fancy fine wine, the restaurant has an immense wine cellar filled with traditional favourites and high end speciality wines from around the world. Bottle prices are fair, and the wines are a great accompaniment to the delicious food.

23 Restaurant and Club is spacious enough for families and also quaint enough for small groups of friends.

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 Contact info:

On the lake at Boat Avenue

8.30am - midnight
+66 64 027 2323

26 G5

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