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PLUM is fired up! A charcoal oven at the centre. Amazing steaks and creative fish & seafood dishes… Casual, yet chic with amazing sea views.

GPS coordinate: 7.9460803,98.2775684

PLUM is fired up! A charcoal oven at the centre. Amazing steaks and creative fish & seafood dishes… Casual, yet chic with amazing sea views.

Price range 800 - 1,200 BahtBest to book a table Car park on site Major credit cards OK Has smoking area Free Wifi hot spot

From the restaurant:

“Dinner is a great experience and at PLUM we're all fired up! At the centre of your experience is the charcoal burning oven, bringing out the succulent best from our prime cuts of US and Australian beef. Equal attention is given to the fresh fish and seafood, along with an appealing choice of à la carte dishes and fine wines. Innovative and modern… walking a tasty line between ‘steakhouse’ and ‘fine dining’. Come relaxed... leave inspired!”

Normally I´d sit inside in the air-conditioning, that´s my thing, but here it was so enticing on the balcony that I broke my habit and sat outside. Wow! What a view! Without a doubt Plum must be one of the best locations on Phuket to dine and view the sunset - a mesmerizing, uninterrupted, view that lasts for around 30 minutes as the sun sets. After that, it´s over to the stars and the gentle slap of the waves below throughout the rest of the evening. That and the background music - on this occasion Enya´s Orinoco Flow switching into some light Spanish guitar making for a perfect match.

Funny the things that make an impression, such as the table napkins folded to resemble a formal shirt and the menus on iPads. This certainly worked for us, being able to scroll from starters through soups, to mains and onwards to the desserts, enlarging each dish´s photo to full screen as we went.

With recommendations from Chef Francesco, we choose Lobster Bisque with its extra-large portions of lobster and a Beef Carpaccio with fresh arugula and Grana Padano cheese shaves as starters. Interesting to note that the beef used in the carpaccio is the less fatty grass-fed (as opposed to grain-fed) Wagyu beef.

We went for wines by the glass, my partner choosing a Merlot while I went for a light refreshing rosé. Unusually, there was an extensive selection of other wines, including sparkling wines, available by the glass. This is something more restaurants should take note of; I may want to start with a rosé, my companion a glass of white; we may both want to move onto heavier, but different, reds for main course. Increasingly, this is going to be factor in choosing where to eat...

For our main course, we chose a shared dish Grigliata mista alla casteddaia with snow fish, barramundi, squid, rock lobster and blue swimmer crab, all flavoured with Cagliari's herbed brine and served with grilled vegetables and a selection of five dipping sauces. We had a slight problem: either the table was too small for the seafood plate or the plate was too big for the table. I think the latter!

We were handed icy cold towels scented with lemon grass to freshen up when we had finished our main course as well as much-appreciated finger bowls of lemon water.

For desserts Chef Francesco chose for us Chocolate and hazelnut lava cake with Bronte´s pistachio ice cream and Plum´s Tiramisu, their own interpretation of this all-time favourite. Rather than coffee we opted for a couple of cocktails, both going for the Passion fruit Mojito.

Our evening at Plum was enjoyable from start to finish. The location, the views, the impeccable service and the exquisitely-prepared and well-presented meals. It was all there. Perfection is rarely if ever achieved. Plum comes as close as any. I´ll be back.

Risotto alla fragole, Prosecco e prosciutto

This is a recipe to make a risotto the traditional way, slow cooking and without stirring. The choice of ingredients is balanced between the fruity flavor of the strawberries, the fresh acidity of Prosecco wine and Prosciutto di Parma.


Ingredients (serves 4)

  • 400g Carnaroli rice
  • 200g unsalted butter
  • 120ml Prosecco sparkling wine
  • 60g chopped white onion
  • 100g diced strawberries
  • 150g Parmigiano reggiano cheese
  • 4 large slices of Prosciutto di Parma
  • 1.2 litres vegetable stock
  • aged balsamic vinegar


Dry the ham in an oven at 65ºC until crispy.

Warm half of the butter in a pot and add half of the strawberries and all the onion. Stir slowly until the onion becomes translucent. Pour in the rice, heating it well. Pour in the wine and stir with wooden spatula, let it evaporate completely. Add boiling vegetable stock, lower the heat to a slow simmer and let it cook without stirring anymore for circa 13 minutes. Check if more stock is needed.

Turn off the heat add the rest of strawberries, the rest of the butter in small pieces and the grated Parmigiano cheese. Blend ingredients with a wooden spatula, then cover the pot and leave for five minutes. Distribute the risotto in four plates, decorate with a slice of ham and serve accompanied by balsamic vinegar.

About the Chefs

About Executive Chef Francesco Greco

Francesco Greco is the Executive Chef in charge of all culinary operations at Cape Sienna Hotel & Villas. He was born in Sardinia (Italy) in 1970 and represents the third generation of chefs in his family, following his French mother and Hungarian grandmother. He started in the kitchen in 1986 and since then has worked in many countries, learning and developing a true cosmopolitan culinary knowledge.

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