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Beat the monsoon blues at Kata Rocks

Phuket Island has a tropical monsoon climate and, although the weather is warm all year round, September and October tend to be very wet due to the southwest monsoon. However, don’t let the rain ruin your holiday. There’s a lot to do on Phuket, even when the weather is less than ideal.


Kata Rocks, the luxurious resort in southern Phuket, has found a way to help holidaymakers beat the monsoon blues. Truth be told, there are few things in life better than pampering yourself with a luxury spa package on a rainy day, and the ‘Rainy-Day Bliss Package’ available through November 2018 pulls out all the stops.

This package presents an outstanding way to beat the monsoon blues and spend a rainy day wallowing in luxury, while taking full advantage of the carefully curated spa treatments on offer at the Infinite Luxury Spa. Guests are allowed to experience total rejuvenation and relaxation as well as munch on a gourmet lunch at the award-winning Oceanfront Clubhouse restaurant.

Affordable and all-inclusive, the ‘Rainy-Day Bliss Package’ starts with a signature ‘Senso Bed’ or ‘Energy Pod’ session. The Senso Bed is ideal for total body relaxation, while the Energy Pod offers a respite from chronic stress and tension.

Thoroughly intrigued, I chose the Senso Bed for the start of my luxury spa session. Essentially, the Senso Bed – a massage bed with a water mattress is warm, cosy and comfortable. The initial fifteen minutes on the Senso Bed really set the mood for relaxation and left me feeling so very calm.

The ‘Rainy-Day Bliss Package’ offers a choice of one of three exclusive spa treatments. ‘Sense of Thai Aroma Massage’ combines warm oil and uses a long, smooth, slow technique to calm the body, relax the mind, release tension and reheat the body on a rainy afternoon. Another choice is the ‘Foot Zone Therapy’ which begins with a custom manicure and pedicure and then ends with a soothing foot massage. This therapy is a great way to unwind and relax.

‘Rainforest Rejuvenation’ – a restorative treatment specifically designed to heal and rejuvenate sensitive facial skin – rounds out the choices for exclusive spa treatments at the Infinite Luxury Spa.

The treatment begins with the spa therapist placing hot stones in the palm of your hands which is pleasantly calming. Warm herbs, lymphatic drainage techniques and an imported Amazonian mud mask encourage toxin release and reduce water retention leaving skin feeling super refreshed and radiant. The entire ‘Rainforest Rejuvenation’ treatment takes a mere 60 minutes, which is convenient for those who want to spend a rainy day pampering themselves, but are not able to spend an entire day at a spa.

A gourmet lunch at the Kata Rocks Oceanfront Clubhouse restaurant is included in the ‘Rainy-Day Bliss Package’ and is an amazing treat. Over the last few months, the Oceanfront Clubhouse has been making changes to its lunch menu and it shows in both the high quality and presentation of the dishes.

The gourmet lunch includes three main course choices, two dessert choices and a beverage selection of one of four signature cocktails or two mocktails. Main course options include the Ohla Burger with Iberico ham, brie cheese and barbeque sauce, a fresh Tuna Avocado Tartar with shallots, sesame, lime, soy sauce and salmon roe or a Burrata Salad. I choose the Burrata Salad and it does not disappoint. It is light and simple, overflowing with garden tomatoes, a divine homemade pesto dressing, pine nuts and extra virgin olive oil. The Burrata Salad is a lush, post-spa treat which is quickly followed by a tart Mango & Passion Fruit Soup for desssert. The dessert itself is yummy – a zesty concoction of coconut, kaffir lime, crumble and vanilla ice cream.

I choose a homemade Ginger Beer as it is one of my favorite mocktails. However, for those looking to enjoy a drink or two after their ‘Rainy-Day Bliss Package,’ there are four cocktails to choose from, which include the signature Kata Rocks Secret, a lush drink fueled by gin, a tropical Passion Fruit Mojito, a minty Lycheetini and a Tropical Colada. The views from the Oceanfront Clubhouse are exceptional, even when the weather turns a bit damp and grey.

Truth be told, the ‘Rainy Day Bliss Package’ at Kata Rocks is an exceptional value. The Infinite Luxury Spa is posh with experienced therapists and a variety of wonderful luxury spa treatments. A bit of self-pampering never goes astray, and the entire experience from start to finish is seamless.
The ‘Rainy-Day Bliss Package’ is available by appointment. For anyone staying in the southern part of the island, free pick-up and drop-off to and from Kata Rocks is also available.

For more information about the Infinite Luxury Experience Package.

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