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Art @Chaofah introducing First Gallery Exhibition at Ramada Plaza Hotel – Contrasts

Ramada Plaza Hotel
August 2019
Art @Chaofah introducing First Gallery Exhibition at Ramada Plaza Hotel  – Contrasts

Phuket : August 26, 2019 at Peranakan Courtyard Ramada Plaza Chao Fah Hotel, Mr. Thanyawat Chanpinit, Phuket Vice Governor, honours us as President of the opening ceremony of ‘Art @Chaofah’, and the first Gallery Exhibition. ‘CONTRASTS’ showcases the work of two artists from the Phuket Art Club - Mr. Monthian Yangthong and Mr. Mekphat Srinantaphan -, from 27th August 2019 to 11th October 2019.

Khun Monthain’ arts are in black and white, very visually impressive and very realistic. The wood carving technique make him return to the childhood life in countryside and found the life philosophy in the old time. This time, he decided to show the 'master copy' of a couple of his prints so you get the chance to see the more detailed wood carving (or "cutting") behind his work. Different colours, different feelings yet just as impressive.

In contrast, Khun Mekphat ‘s work is a world of deep yet vivid colours, textures and depths. Some might see landscapes or wonders of Nature as he draws his inspiration from around our island, however let yourself drawn into his paintings and immerse yourself in a soft world as even his darkest parts are never to fear.

The opening ceremony is followed by a private cocktail reception, on Monday, 26th August at 7pm with honourable guests from Phuket Province, Consulates and private associations. At the event, we also have the pleasure of a special local musician, Khun Annie playing Guzheng thus making the event even more beautiful. 

‘Contrast’ is part of our ongoing Art @Chaofah exhibition series that hope to create emotions, ideas and inspiration while showcasing the great work of our local artists.

Guests are welcomed to visit ‘CONTRASTS’ and enjoy the journey every day from 27th August to 11th October 2019, on 2nd floor of Peranakan Courtyard, Ramada Plaza Chao Fah Hotel.

More information please contact,
Telephone : 076-338699
Email : [email protected]

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