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April 2019

While there’s no doubt that the best part of any meal is dessert, it is also true that dessert is delicious served any time of the day.

Ice cream is a sweetened, frozen treat that makes one of the very best desserts. Typically made with dairy milk or cream, in recent years, non-dairy options made with soy, coconut or almond milk have also become popular alternatives for those living a more healthy lifestyle.

Did you know that ice cream’s origins are traced back to China? An ice cream-like food was first eaten in the country in 618-97AD, while a milk and rice mixture, frozen in snow, was invented even earlier around 200BC. Today, ice cream is enjoyed around the world and Thailand is no exception.

As we were getting this issue of WINDOW on Phuket ready, the ‘summer’ heat was taking its toll and skyrocketing daily, so we thought it was a good idea to go out and explore some of the island’s best ice cream offerings. We’re all aware that it’s simple and convenient to buy ice cream from any local mom and pop shop or convenience store, but if you’re looking for a more upscale ice cream experience, these are our picks of the best ice cream shops in Phuket that you really must try!

Thaivetro Old Town Ice Cream
An eclectic ice cream shop in Phuket Old Town, Thaivetro serves up 60 unique flavours of ice cream in waffle cones or sundae bowls. All of the ice cream in the shop is homemade, and the highest quality local ingredients are used to concoct the interesting flavours. If you’re looking for a taste of Thailand, be sure to try to Tom Yum Kung ice cream or the Thai Tea flavour. Other bold offerings include Wasabi, Durian, Umeshu, Black Beer and Purple Sweet Potato. Classic favourites, such as Raspberry, Blueberry and Dark Chocolate are also available. The Pineapple Phuket ice cream flavour also comes highly recommended as it’s super sweet, extra creamy and really delicious!

Thaivetro Old Town Ice Cream is open every day from 9:00am to 8:00pm.


Lung Dum
Located in Samkong near Bangkok Hospital Phuket, Lung Dum is a traditional Thai ice cream shop that’s sure to satisfy any sweet tooth. The shop features an array of ice cream flavours including Vanilla, Strawberry, Lemon and even a chocolatey Milo variety. However, without a doubt, the most popular flavour on the menu is Fresh Coconut Milk. Choose three scoops of ice cream for an affordable 49 baht, and then add in all the extra bits. The myriad toppings include peanuts, pandanus, taro, pumpkin, barley, corn, bread, pandanus jelly and even pomegranate. The end result is a sweet, sticky explosion of flavours that’s perfect for Phuket’s hot days.

Lung Dum is open daily from 11:00am to 9:00pm.


Torry’s Ice Cream
A popular ice cream boutique in the heart of Phuket Old Town, Torry’s Ice Cream is famous for creating lush homemade ice cream flavours from the finest ingredients. The boutique has an interesting menu collection, and features signatures such as Roasted Banana, Popcorn and Corn Milk. Durian flavoured ice cream is also a seasonal option. Torry’s offers vegan Avocado and Pumpkin ice cream as well. Try their ‘Taste of Phuket’ menu which blends local sweets and ice cream. The ‘Phuket Treasure’ is a must try. This dessert bowl of Honey Graham ice cream and a variety of Phuket local snacks is an indulgent treat.

Torry’s Ice Cream is open Tue, Wed and Thu from 11am to 6pm, and Fri, Sat and Sun from 11am to 9:30pm. The ice cream boutique is closed on Mondays.


Samkong Fried Ice Cream Shop
A cheap and cheerful local style ice cream parlor open for more than 20 years, Samkong Fried Ice Cream is a true Phuket icon. The charming shop serves up a variety of ice cream treats including Banana Splits and Ice Cream Sundaes, as well as many flavoured ice cream cones. The shop’s most popular dish is its namesake fried ice cream. Gooey, yet crisp, the ice cream flavour of your choice is wrapped in bread and quickly deep-fried. The outside is warm and crisp, while the ice cream inside is still cold. It’s a delicious treat well worth sampling when you visit the shop.

Ice cream in Thailand is really good. It’s yummy, it’s refreshing and the sticky sweet texture really goes down a treat on Phuket’s super hot days. If you are looking to satisfy your sweet tooth and cool down, head on over to one of the ice cream shops that we explored and choose a scoop or two of delicious ice cream to enjoy throughout the day!

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