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A difficult meal

“Breakfast is a notoriously difficult meal to serve with a flourish.” - Clement Freud -

February 2019

It seems they’ve taken that on board at The Nai Harn, where breakfast is a serious thing.

It starts with the bakery – all home made (even the jams) and including some gluten-free items. Then it starts to get special with the ‘Vitality drinks’. In the cold room, expect to find such delights(?) as kale & apple, carrot, watermelon & mint – and more. All cold pressed so high in healthy nutrients.

The yogurt – all home made, of course – at The Nai Harn is special, too. Apart from the set yogurt and the pouring variety, there’s a Greek yogurt introduced by a visiting Greek chef in 2016. Those very cultures have been kept alive, creating generations of thick, creamy and healthy Greek yogurt – perfect with fresh fruit and Phuket honey.
It won’t surprise anyone who knows The Nai Harn team to learn that they make their own cheeses, too. There are three types of soft cheese to sample, which include Tom Yum – for which all the herbs are gathered in the resort’s seventh floor herb garden.
Breakfast means pork – or at least for the western breakfast traditionalists among us – and The Nai Harn doesn’t disappoint. All the charcuterie is made in-house using free range, cruelty-free meat sourced from a farm in the north of Thailand. Sausages include Nurnberger and Cumberland, which you’ll find maturing in the cold room. Worried about gluten? Don’t be; the sausages are all gluten-free.

Eggs are at least as much a breakfast essential as pork, and the live cooking station will happily whip up Egg Benedict, Egg Florentine or just a perfectly cooked scrambled egg – whatever takes your fancy. Catering for the Asian breakfast taste, they also make a fresh broth here every day, served with egg vermicelli or rice noodles and a whole host of condiments.

Last but absolutely not least, there’s the coffee. The highest quality beans are sourced from Switzerland and your preferred coffee can be served with an extra shot of expresso, decaf or iced. Or try the cold brew coffee. Made in-house and bottled individually, here is a healthier, less acidic choice that’s softer on the digestive system. Whichever coffee you settle on, you can rest assured there is not a ‘venti’ in sight!
Finally, if you’re a tea person, there is obviously something special for you too. The teas are selected from TWG Tea’s collection – the biggest selection in the world – and feature blends from all the tea-growing countries. Your tea at breakfast can be served hot or iced.

Difficult maybe – but The Nai Harn makes it look easy.
And lest we forget, breakfast here affords one of the best sea views – overlooking Nai Harn Bay and the offshore islands – on Phuket!

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